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Clothing and protection for skateboarders


Skateboard is an integral part of the modern youth subculture. And everyone who joins her, inevitably becomes the bearer of the fashion of this popular movement. Therefore, all young people who have joined this lesson need to know how skaters dress.

Fashion History - Skate Style

Skateboarding appeared in California at the end of the 50s of the last century, and it came about from surfing, when surfers, when there were no waves at sea, rode along the sidewalks, attaching wheels removed from roller skates to the boards. Gradually, this sport spread throughout the world, promoting a special skater style of clothing. Such an active lifestyle involves individual equipment and a style of dressing.

New fashion trends associated with such a hobby arise more and more often. Some areas disappear immediately, others improve over the years, finding a large number of fans. The history of street fashion began in Los Angeles and New York. Skaters needed comfortable clothes in which it would be convenient to ride and which should not have a sports orientation. As a result, an unobtrusive universal style began to appear, similar in spirit to young people from 12 to 25 years old.

Skater clothing requirements are simple:

  • loose jeans or tight pants,
  • T-shirts and T-shirts loose, tight or fitted,
  • tennis shoes, sneakers with special soles or gym shoes,
  • in the demi-season - jackets, in cool summer days - voluminous hoodies,
  • from hats - knitted hats, baseball caps,
  • accessories include protective ammunition: elbow pieces, knee pads, helmet, gloves, sometimes protective shorts,
  • for professional athletes produce special backpacks for carrying boards.

What do skaters wear

For skaters, clothing is often discreet, but extremely comfortable. Guys wear practical knitwear. The most common and comfortable ensemble for performing tricks are joggers and a T-shirt. Cotton knitwear is good in any weather. On hot summer days, you can wear a synthetic tank top with holes. In the cold season, jackets, woolen and fleece sweaters are appropriate. The owner of the skateboard is distinguished by one feature: worn shoes in place of the big toes. Having met the owner of such shoes, there is no doubt that he is a skater.

Each representative of the subculture seeks to stand out from the crowd, to be different from others. If a young man is a punk skater, headphones are considered a mandatory attribute. From clothes - a sleeveless T-shirt with the image of a beloved punk artist, tattooed on his hands.

Punk skaters prefer black and red colors, fitting elastic jeans or baggy shorts no lower than the knee. Unlike punks, hip-hop skaters love brighter things, combining catchy shoes, accessories and hats with a basic white tank top.

Representatives of this subculture wear skinny jeans that slide off the waistline and open underwear. Some people prefer baggy jeans, complementing the image with a baseball cap, put on the visor back, and massive rings on the fingers. There are also Rasta-skaters who love to dress untidily and with all their appearance show that they are not indifferent to the opinions of others. Often they have a groomed beard or dreadlocks.

Girls skater style

Girls' clothes are mostly distinguished by brighter colors, as well as expressive drawings. As with skater guys, things should be practical, convenient, and functional. For sewing most models, natural cotton fabrics are used.

Girls wear sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts, stretch trousers, elastic bombers, preferring tight-fitting clothes. When choosing it, some pay attention to more expensive and high-quality things from popular brands, while others try to dress easier. For each young person, the main thing is not to copy someone else's style, but to find their own individual image.

Skateboarding Styles

The following styles of skateboarding are available:

  1. Flatland - riding on a flat surface without overcoming obstacles: granite slabs, asphalt, etc.
  2. Freestyle - a style that spread in the 70-80s. Tricks are done exclusively on the plane.
  3. Street is the most common street skateboard that spawned all other types. Here, handrails, stairs, curbs, steps, cornices are used as obstacles.
  4. Park is an aggressive style where tricks are performed on specially equipped venues. Skate parks are built to simulate standard street obstacles. Skating in the park, in contrast to the street style, is less traumatic, because everything is much more stable, softer here, and you can also learn to ride faster.
  5. Werth means vertical skating with ramp tricks.
  6. Light is a light style, where a person does not require increased attention and tension.
  7. Longboard - skiing on hilly terrain or downhill, where it is especially important to observe the accuracy of turns. The maximum recorded speed during descent is 100 km / h. Protection with this style of riding is required.

More and more young people who want to get another portion of adrenaline are becoming adherents of this subculture. The predominant number of guys and girls try to dress stylishly, but at the same time look so that from the outside it does not seem as if considerable efforts have been spent on creating the image.

What is skate style

Skateboarders spend a lot of time riding in half-abandoned parking lots, in a park, or even in city monuments. This lesson is so popular that many media constantly present materials about the stars of this sport. These stylish guys are constantly featured on TV screens, and the network is full of various skateboarding bows.

They attract attention, and young people are increasingly joining the world of skateboarding, adopting their style, which has been assuming various forms for more than thirty years. At one time, hip-hop dominated in clothing. Then, just a couple of years later, skaters preferred hip-hop punk.

Is it possible to say that the style of a skater is as influential and popular today as before? Actually - no, because now it has become more popular than ever! For example, couturier John Galliano, created his latest collection, inspired precisely by the image of a skateboarder.

Surely you noticed that the clothes worn by skaters look great on people who have never picked up a board. A good example of this is Ukraine, where only a few thousand skateboarders live, but clothes are sold ten times more. All because it is fashionable and comfortable. But do not forget that the elements of a skateboard wardrobe, in the first place, must be durable and functional.

What should be the equipment

Skater gear and protection must be functional, durable and simple. The most common materials from which clothes are sewn are cotton. In hot weather, it is recommended to wear synthetic fabrics with holes, and in the cold it is better to purchase fleece or wool jumpers and various jackets.

Materials should not be embarrassed, since during movement on the board a certain freedom is necessary. You will need things that you do not mind spoiling. Everything will tear, stretch, change colors, and even become covered with blood stains. Classic reliable brands in skateboarding are considered - Element, Baker, Analog, Quicksilver, Volcom, Vans and Billabong.

Headgear selection

A cap is considered a traditional hat, but this element is not required. Often you can meet riders in knitted hats or hats.

In general, skaters do not share the canons of mass culture, so usually they prefer little-known clothing brands.

A selection of shoes and a backpack

For several decades now, special shoes for skateboarding have been presented on the world market. Sneakers made for skate are designed for the surface of the board covered with emery, so the shoes provide good grip.

Shoes of modern skateboarders are replete with technical innovations and withstand almost any difficulties during tricks. Sneakers have additional seams and sealing elements. Shoes are made not only from natural materials, but also from leatherette, synthetics or cotton fabric (for example, skate shoes from Vans).

  1. Sneakers have a sole with special stabilizers and arch supports sewn in, which significantly reduces the possibility of foot dislocation.
  2. Foot protection is important, so some shoes have special pads on the Achilles tendon and lift.

There are many shoe brands designed specifically for boarding. You can choose from the following companies: éS, DVS, Fallen, Supra, Vans, Circa, DC, Emerica’s, Converse, Adio, Etnies and Lakai.

It is important that the backpack and other clothes are combined with shoes. By the way, backpacks and bags of skateboarders are very durable and roomy. They should fit spare wheels, suspensions, bolts, bearings. Backpacks also have special deck mounts.

Means of protection

Each skateboarder decides for himself whether he needs protection or not. It often happens that the protection is uncomfortable and too hot in it. Over time, many people realize that a helmet, for example, can save you from serious injuries. But, unfortunately, most young boarders often neglect protection, so it's almost impossible to see them in the shields and helmet.

The usual skate protection kit includes knee pads, gloves and elbow pads. During skiing, sliding along the railing, jumping from parapets, a helmet and special protective shorts are added to this set without fail.

Protection should not squeeze parts of the body, but it must be firmly and firmly attached to the elbows and knees of a skateboarder.

It is better to buy protection with Velcro, it will evenly and correctly distribute pressure on the body. You should not save on protection, because its price can affect your injuries.

Stylish or comfortable?

  1. Dress like a skateboarder because you like it.
  2. Start skateboarding. Perhaps you yourself want to start riding on the board, so you are interested in this style.
  3. Decide which style suits you best. Each skater tries to be different from the others. However, convenience is the priority in choosing clothes when performing various feints.

Skater style has long been synonymous with fashion for young people around the world. It was skaters who introduced the fashion of constantly wearing a backpack, puffed sneakers, baseball caps, “narrow knots” and much more.

The choice of image depends on the style of your skiing, however, choosing a backpack or shoes, you should not forget about originality, convenience and protection.