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How to refill the cartridge yourself?


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  • Empty cartridge, compatible ink, 5-10 milliliter syringe, rubber gloves, wipes.
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  • How to refill the HP 1018 cartridge yourself?

Tip 3: How to Refill a Printer Cartridge

  • new toner and hard brush

Waste toner should not be refilled.

The cartridge is refilled only with that toner that is specifically designed specifically for your model. There is no universal toner for refilling all cartridge models.

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1. How do I refill an inkjet printer cartridge myself?

The most common printer is still an inkjet printer, since at a low cost, it allows you to print color photographs.

When a person goes to the store, he often buys a low-cost trick, and only then finds out that cartridges for this "cheap" printer will cost him VERY expensive!

And of course, a person immediately begins to think about how he will refill the cartridge afterwards? And it's just done.

The first thing you need is to buy a GOOD paint for your cartridge. ( buy paint cheap again, you can in China) If you buy bad paint, then the photos will be terrible.

Another disadvantage of bad ink is that it will dry out quickly and the cartridge will not periodically print images. Cartridge blowing will result in almost a third of the cartridge going to purge immediately! In addition, it is worth remembering a simple but important truth:

Cartridge manufacturers NEVER ink or even refill kits!

But you bought ink, how do you refill the cartridge now? Everything is done simply: the syringe is filled, on the upper end of the cartridge, under the sticker, a hole is searched through which air comes out. She is very small, but the needle of the syringe just fits.

You can tear off the entire sticker, but then be sure to stick it back, since there is a whole labyrinth for bleeding air. If you just leave a hole, the ink will flow randomly through the nozzle of the cartridge.

Or you can just drill a cartridge with a thin drill and refill it, and glue the hole with plasticine, or just gum. Everything seems to be simple, but the minus of ink cartridges is that if it dries for real, then such a repair of cartridges is very difficult.

Of course, you can try to soak it with distilled water with a small addition of ammonia, but this does not always help. In a short video on how to restore and refill the cartridge yourself.

Another good option is to buy a CISS - a continuous ink supply system. (I advise buy cps in china will come out much cheaper!)

This device is very useful for those who print a lot, for example, photographers. I myself installed such systems on several printers, and I can say that they showed themselves on the good side.

An inkjet printer is good, of course, but it was replaced by laser printers. And even color laser printers today are affordable for many.

2. How to refill the laser printer cartridge yourself?

I would like to note right away that the powder used in laser printers is VERY harmful! But this of course does not mean that when you refill one cartridge a year, you will undermine your health. Just follow the basic precautions when refilling and refill the cartridge in a well-ventilated area.

Remember : even an army gas mask doesn’t delay toner from a cartridge, therefore all dust masks are useless!

If I scared you and you do not want to risk your health, then it is better to take the cartridge to a special company where you can refill the cartridge in 15 minutes. You can follow, for example, the link and see the prices for such services.

If you are not afraid, and still decide to refill the cartridge yourself, then buy toner here and prepare a newspaper on the floor or table. Refilling a laser printer cartridge is easy if you guessed right with the model.

The fact is that in some cartridges there is a cork through which the toner is simply filled up. To get to the cork, you need to remove one of the side covers of the cartridge, having previously unscrewed a couple of screws.

This completes the refilling of the cartridge. If there is no such plug, then you will have to disassemble the cartridge almost completely and put toner into the slot. What is the conclusion? Before buying a laser printer, find out about the structure of its cartridge - is there a cork in it?

Another difficulty when refilling a laser cartridge can be a CHIP. Therefore, it’s also immediately better to find out if it is possible to refuel this cartridge at home without unlocking the CHIP?

Well, to make it more clear, here is a video on refilling a cartridge. Your cartridge may have a slightly different device, but the principles remain the same.

It is also worth noting that if you buy a color laser printer, then you will need to refill 4 cartridges, and this may not be cheap, and the necessary color toner may not be available.

Here are the ways you can refill the cartridge yourself for inkjet and laser printers. If you know any other subtleties, please write about them in the comments.

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About the laser cartridge. In addition to refueling with toner, it must be cleaned of waste toner, it has a special container for this. If this is not done, it will quickly fill up (and with non-native toner very quickly) and the result will be a damaged cartridge, and then the printer.

I agree. But as a rule, this is not relevant at the first refueling. But when you refuel more than once, then yes. But I noticed that quality is not so important for many people, if only the text was visible, as simply drafts are printed.