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Fast Food May Lower Your Child’s Performance


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Parents often refuse to buy fast food. Usually they motivate their refusal by value, harm to health or inappropriate. Sure, they are well-meaning, but parents can be convinced. Ask why they do not want to go to fast food establishments, and then discuss the arguments they heard.

The effect of fast food

It would seem that all people eat junk food - someone more often, someone less. Most often, this affects the weight and cleanliness of the skin, so adults do not particularly care about this. They can get rid of the effects of diet. But what about the kids? Few people know about this, but in fact, fast food can really ruin your child's entire future life. The fact is that studies conducted with more than ten thousand children showed pretty scary results. The fact is that the constant use of harmful food by young children had a very negative impact on their performance. Children absorb information worse, get worse grades, cannot concentrate on subjects that they study, and so on. Moreover, the results of the IQ test showed that the use of fast food on an ongoing basis seriously reduces this indicator in children. Accordingly, if you feed your children junk food, then you make them dumber - and you won’t be able to get rid of it, like extra pounds or acne.

But what is the reason that children constantly eat fast food? In fact, everything is very simple. Firstly, this food is made in such a way that it has a pronounced taste, it looks appetizing, and most importantly - it is not so expensive. Therefore, both adults and children constantly buy fast food, because it is a quick and tasty way to eat. But it’s one thing when you buy burgers or pizza once a month or even once a week, and quite another when fifth graders do not eat anything but fast food. Here, the reason is also that in the schools themselves and near them you can find a large number of fast-food restaurants. Moreover, even in the school canteens themselves, pizza is often served - nobody even heard about vegetables there.


In this situation, it makes no sense to seek outside help - it all depends on you. You need to properly educate your children and set a positive example for them. Cultivate a love of healthy foods for them and eat right yourself, because in the first place they take an example from you. If you don’t know where to start, there are some practical tips for you that will allow you to instill in your children a love of healthy food and a view of fast food as junk food that you can treat yourself occasionally, but you should never make your own diet exclusively from it.

Natural vs. Treated

So, the very first advice that you should learn is the primacy of unprocessed or minimally processed products. You need to concentrate on vegetables and fruits, as well as on products that have not undergone any processing, or their processing was minimal. Try not to consume various types of convenience foods and other processed foods, as they contain many times less nutrients.

Healthy fats

For a growing body and developing brain, healthy natural fats, which can be found in many foods, are very important. You should not try to completely get rid of them, as they are extremely important for young children. Just limit their intake and don't let children eat a variety of unhealthy fats, foods that are extremely high in sugar and processed fructose. They are your enemy, and not harmless and even healthy natural fats.

Many parents do not think that fast food does not have some substances that are very important for a child, such as Omega-3. They are not just few - they are simply not there. And if you do not want your child to develop twice as slowly, you better increase the intake of these fats for brain development, and limit the intake of fast food, which does not bring absolutely any benefit to your child, but only causes both direct and indirect harm ( for example, replacing healthy fats with useless ones).

Pure water

Every day, anyone should drink about seven glasses of plain pure water, without any additives, dyes or sweeteners. This allows your body to quickly cleanse itself of the harmful substances that enter it, it always allows you to maintain the right level of water in the body, that is, to avoid dehydration. If your child drinks soda with sugar and dyes, it will only do harm. Do not think that such drinks simply do not bring benefits - they cause serious harm, disrupting metabolism and having a negative effect on the brain. Especially when it comes to a child who is just developing, soda will do him more harm than an adult. Therefore, you have every right to destroy your health - this is your choice, but do not allow yourself to ruin the life of your child.

Why fast food always wants to eat

Popcorn, chips, hot dogs - these products, children and adults, according to studies, often eat when not at all hungry. Dr. Stephen Whiteley, who has been studying people's eating behavior for a quarter of a century, explains in his book Why People Love Fast Food.

Not only technologists, but also scientists are working on the creation of each product - for example, chips.

In addition, they make sure that the product causes as much salivation as possible — it rolls over in the mouth so that a person can taste the product with as many taste buds as possible and remember this ice cream or sauce as the best in the world.

Speaking of ice cream. Another factor that makes fast food seem so delicious to everyone is that it melts in your mouth. This factor has a name - “vanishing calorie content”.

A slice of chips or a small chocolate candy in the glaze dissolves in the mouth so quickly that the brain does not have time to fix that there were enough calories, and convinces us that we did not have enough.


If you want your child to grow up healthy, from childhood you need to instill in him a love of physical education. You can give him to some sports section - this has a positive effect not only on his physical form and health, but also on his social skills. In sports sections, children can find new friends with similar hobbies. Moreover, such friends are unlikely to offer to go to the McDonald's to buy a hamburger and Coca-Cola. Accordingly, you can protect the mental development of your child, while simultaneously improving his physical condition and developing his social skills, expanding his circle of interests. As you can see, physical exercise is a universal remedy that will allow you to protect your child as much as possible from the negative impact of modern fast food culture. Now you are unlikely to have doubts that proper nutrition is a key factor in the successful development of your child. You can’t argue with research - fast food really slows down the development of children. Therefore, if you want your child to grow up healthy and smart, do not let him constantly eat junk food that is served in fast-food restaurants.