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9 ways to see a ghost without much esoteric training


Do you believe in spirits and ghosts? If yes, then this article is for you. Say you need expensive and sophisticated equipment to hunt ghosts? No matter how! With the help of an iPhone, you can find out if the brownie hid his socks, whether there are mermaids in the nearest lake and who is howling ominously outside the window on a dark night: restless souls or March cats?

So, let's look at the applications in your smartphone that will help you start the hunt for ghosts.

Magnetometer and microphone

A magnetometer is a tool that measures the strength of a magnetic field and has been a favorite device of all ghostbusters for many years. And while no one has yet given convincing evidence that the increase in the strength of electric or magnetic fields is associated with ghosts, many ghostbusters adore this device.

Important note about magnetometers: not all smartphones have them. For example, only iPhone 3GS and later are equipped with a magnetometer. If you need to find out if your phone has it, check the specification or run a quick search on the Internet. And if your phone does not have a magnetometer, do not worry! A true ghost hunter can use anything as a tool at hand, right?

Another important piece of equipment used to hunt ghosts is a sensitive microphone, which is used to record inexplicable sounds that experts call Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - electronic voice phenomena. And if the phantoms try to chat with you, you can hear their voices in the background of the electronic recording. Therefore, if you have not yet “matured” to buy special applications for recording paranormal sounds in your room, then such a microphone is what you need.

And there are a number of other tools that include some applications for smartphones, although there is no complete certainty that they will help to catch a ghost ...

To see the otherworldly spirit with side vision

This method of seeing the otherworldly spirit allows you to deceive the brain, which usually completely erases from our perception of reality those objects that cannot and should not exist in this very reality. Therefore, looking at the otherworldly spirit at point blank range, you will almost never notice it. But you will almost always see if he is in the zone of your peripheral movement. One misfortune - in this case, you will most likely see it in the form of a dense clot, spot, or movement that cannot be described. But another thing is more important. The fact that you can really see it, which means to understand that the rustles or “drafts” in the house scare you, is not in vain.

You can also try to see the otherworldly spirit, squinting slightly, pointing your face strictly toward the object that you want to see. But this method is suitable only for those who already know how to silence their brain, otherwise you will almost always become a victim of your fantasies, or incorrect mental interpretation of what you see.

Alcohol will help you to see the otherworldly spirit

By no means do we urge you to consume alcohol! But the fact remains - often a state of intoxication accompanies such a strong temporary change in consciousness that being in it is easy not only to see the otherworldly spirit, but even to hear, or as magicians say, “understand it” - to find out why it remained in our world, why not leaving, and what should be done to help him leave.

However, what is interesting is that such a change in consciousness is possible only in people who drink alcohol for the first time, or who use them so rarely that they can easily be called withdrawal symptoms.

See the otherworldly way half asleep

It is easy to spot a ghost while in a state of drowsiness. But getting on the bed, lulling yourself, is not enough.

  • Firstly, you need to fix your eyelids with tape or adhesive plaster so that they are ajar for 1-2 millimeters, even when you fall asleep.
  • And, secondly, you need to settle down in a slightly, but illuminated room, and be sure to lie on your back. Now you can calm down, relax and allow yourself to sleep. We guarantee that if a certain intangible energy being is present in the room, you will definitely see it.

Of course, what you see can also be the result of your imagination or in some way from a dream that has begun, superimposed on reality. However, in most cases, you will see just the otherworldly spirit. And the proof of this will be your instant awakening, since any similar contact with the inhabitants of the otherworldly in a normal person initiates an almost instantaneous release of a powerful portion of adrenaline.

To see the otherworldly spirit will help flour

This method has indeed been used for thousands of years. But he works like this - in the evening, through a sieve, flour is sprinkled on the floor in a room in which, as it is supposed, a ghost appears, and in the morning they study what traces remained on it. Usually these are traces of shod or bare feet of different sizes, which are believed to be left by the otherworldly spirit that lives in the house where this experiment was conducted.

Photography helps you see the otherworldly spirit

In order to photograph the otherworldly spirit, you need to make it so that it appears on a black lightproof background from fabric, velvet, paper, painted in dark colors on the wall. It is almost impossible to photograph a ghost in the background of any light sources. The second condition for successful photography, which neither physics nor esotericism is able to explain, is that the otherworldly spirits are best manifested in photographs taken with a film, rather than a digital camera. A digital camera, if it conveys the outlines of a ghostly creature, is only in the form of a light or dark spot.

Also an ideal option to remove the otherworldly spirit is to photograph in the evening mirrors, the screen of a working or off TV, any reflective surfaces - a dark window, furniture glasses, etc. But with this kind of photographing, we recommend that you exercise extreme caution, since the camera can capture very different creatures, sometimes really capable of inspiring horror,. Therefore, such experiments are strongly not recommended for people with a weak psyche.

Mirror trap as a way to see the otherworldly spirit

In order to build a mirror trap for the spirit, it is necessary to have two mirrors of the same shape and size, and which is also very important - made by one master. These mirrors are exhibited in a room or in the corridor in which a ghost appears, so as to form an endless mirror tunnel. After this, you should arrange yourself so that you don’t reflect in the mirrors yourself or yourself, but at the same time see the entire mirror tunnel. As soon as a ghost appears, you will definitely see it.

But then again - when conducting such experiments, also be extremely careful.

  • Firstly, mirrors placed in this way can reflect different creatures.
  • Secondly, they can play the role of a trap that will not only catch a certain demon, but also attach it to your subtle bodies.
  • Thirdly, if you have powerful energy or the makings of esotericism that have not been developed yet, with the help of mirrors set up in this way, you can involuntarily create a portal through which the most diverse, far from always positively disposed to you, entities penetrate your reality.

Candle is a powerful way to see otherworldly spirit.

This method, although it will provide exclusively indirect evidence of the presence of an otherworldly spirit, will be absolutely safe. In order for it to work, you need to tightly close all the doors and windows in the room in order to completely get rid of the slightest draft. Then you should fix the candle so that it is located very close to the edge of the table or shelf (ideally - on a thin high candlestick) and light it. After that, you should carefully monitor the light - if it starts to swing and tremble, it means that there is a kind of energy being or entity next to you.

But remember that the light should fluctuate from side to side, conditionally - from left to right. If he hesitates from you and to you, then this means that, most likely, your own energy acts on him.

Incense will help to see the otherworldly spirit

We must say right away that cigarette smoke is not suitable for such an experience. But the smoke from various incense, the same incense sticks placed in different places of the room, can either repeat the outlines of the otherworldly spirit, if it arises next to you, or show the trajectory of its movement within the room. In this experiment, as well as in the experiment with candles, any artificial movements of air should be avoided, remembering that not only the draft, but also your movements and even your breathing can affect the shape that the incense smoke takes.

Homemade dream catcher as an opportunity to see the otherworldly spirit

You most likely have seen a similar trap woven from twigs, threads, beads and feathers. So, according to Native American traditions, it is possible to use it to determine the presence of an otherworldly spirit. Hanged under the ceiling, it will certainly begin to swing or spin as soon as the ghost passes under it. At the same time, the Indians remembered that the more intensely the dreamcatcher swings and spins, the more the otherworldly spirit treats you negatively, or the more insistently he wants to convey to you some important message for you.

But how to hear a ghostly message, we will tell in a separate article, you can use the search on the site. &one

Electromagnetic detectors

If you are looking for a simplified phantom detector, then a program like iEMF is perfect for you. This free app is capable of detecting vibrations in magnetic fields that could indicate an otherworldly presence. The Pro version ($ 0.99) offers useful features such as an environmental filter and a low-pass filter to help you make sure that what you see is not just background interference.

Another good electromagnetic field detector, although developers do not position it as a ghost search application, is the EMF Detector ($ 0.99). The "arrow" display gives the application a little more "technicality", and removes from those who do not believe in ghosts, excessive skepticism about it. Well, if all the house spirits, forest and river spirits are caught, and the phantoms are expelled, EMF Detector can be used as a metal detector and go with him to look for treasures.

EVP Recorders

Paranormal Recorder is an application that integrates an electromagnetic field detector and a recording device that specializes in preserving inexplicable noise and voices - electronic voice phenomena (EVP). Paranormal Recorder has one and a half thousand in their memory, moreover, it turns on only when it compares the paranormal behavior of electromagnetic fields with samples of its EVP.

For fans of ghost hunting, there is still a pretty serious iOS app for $ 3.99 called EVP-PRO. With it, you can easily record strange sounds and download these EVP sessions to your computer for further analysis. EVP-PRO also includes a camera for capturing paranormal visuals and a recording journal so you can take notes in the dark.

Multitask applications

While the programs discussed above are focused on one or two types of monitoring, real multi-tasking “monsters” have already been created for hunting spirits using a smartphone.

So, in the application Ghost Hunter M2 worth $ 0.99, it is possible to detect electromagnetic fields, EVP, sound and geomagnetic fields. Plus, various sensors are built into it, which, according to the developers, use "complex algorithms". The ghost does not go away if you have such a program on your smartphone!

Ghost Detect Pro also for $ 0.99 offers all the tools for catching spirits, such as identifiers of electromagnetic fields and electronic sound phenomena, a "super-sensitive" microphone, a "radar" of ghosts, an integrated camera, a photo analyzer and even a quantum flow detector (working with information, only on phones that contain such a detector). It displays its readings in different colors depending on the axis along which field fluctuations are detected, giving you a more accurate idea of ​​the direction of the search.

Ghost detect pro

There will be no excuses for a true lover of the other world if, having such applications on the iPhone, he wants to quietly sit out in his favorite chair, having heard suspicious sounds from the attic or the heartbreaking howl in the street ... Now, holding your smartphone in your palm, just go ahead, hunting for haunted!