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But then the Chief Pahan came, and everything changed. He spat there, spat here, and the sky parted before Him, and stars, the Sun, the Moon and the Earth were born from the spits. The sky gave birth to the Wind, the Sun gave birth to Fire, and the Fire was ready to incinerate everyone and everything, but Pahan spat again, and Water appeared.

Thus, four elements arose and supplemented the general picture of the World. Of these, a kid subsequently happened, taking a drop from each.

He borrowed a warm heart from Fire, and since then Fire has become its essence. He took over the memory of his ancestors from the Earth, learned to honor authorities, to remember mother and father with a good word, and the boy stood outside the District and became a clear boy. The wind gave the boy a strong connection with Nishtyak, the god of relaxation, and the boy became even. Water rewarded the boy with the ability to heal and heal - to pour a competent bazaar, in short - and the boy got up for a divorce, and luck got lucky.

And then the Chief Pahan appeared again: he came to leave forever. But, before hiding behind the curtains of eternity, He left the kid as a warning for his Mastery - Four spitting techniques or the Art of spitting in four different ways.

Spitting helps to focus and get into the essence of things.

First method: Fire Technique

The most famous spitting method is through gritting.

Articulation: The front upper edge of the tongue surface is firmly pressed against the front upper teeth. In the hollow formed by the bend of the middle part of the tongue, saliva accumulates. At the time of spitting, the tip of the tongue slides down, going slightly outward, and a trickle is sprayed from the gap between the front teeth.

Spitting is accompanied by the characteristic sound “Tsyrk”, for which this method is sometimes called simply tinkling.

Spitting spits are always quick and short-range.

This technique symbolizes expression, aggression, treachery, because it was born from the best gigantic (i.e., fiery) qualities of a kid.

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Sentences with the word "spit":

  • How I wanted spit into her nasty physiognomy! The witch dared to talk about my mother!
  • They are great specialists in identification - the old man in the hearts spat, - some problems from such specialists.
  • How i wish now spit to this proud king in person.
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The second way: Earth Technique

A common dynamic method of spitting through tightly compressed lips is performed in most sitting poses, especially in the Pose on the courts and the Bench.

Articulation: Lips tightly pressed. Saliva accumulates on the tip of the tongue pressed against the palate. At the moment of execution, the tip breaks away from the palate, the lower lip slides a little forward and down, the cheeks, like blacksmith furs, sharply compress, and a portion of saliva, usually quite plentiful, falls to the ground.

This technique symbolizes fidelity to tradition and proximity to Mother Earth.

Third Way: Water Technique

This method largely repeats the previous one, but is characterized by an incomparably large amount of saliva secreted. Spitting is slow, lazy, often due to the use of consciousness-altering substances. The boy bends down and stares for a long time at the heavy and viscous salivary droplet emerging from his mouth, thoughtfully admiring how beautifully it stretches and finally reaches the ground.

The highest art is to spit into a puddle left by another spit, or peel.

Articulation: Similar to the previous method, but less dynamic, tongue and cheek movements smoother.

This technique symbolizes complete relaxation, but at the same time composure, concentration and perseverance.

Fourth Way: Wind Technique

This is a long-range and quick-shoot. The flight range can reach several meters and is primarily due to the severity of the “charge”: mucous deposits from the nasopharynx are used for spitting.

Articulation: Nasopharyngeal deposits are collected on the front of the tongue. The tip of the tongue is firmly pressed to the inside of the lips, closing the hole between them. At the moment of spitting, the lips curl up into a tube, the tongue goes back, releasing a stream of compressed air, and the missile flies right on target.

This technique symbolizes a warlike mood, cheerful enthusiasm, gigantic excitement.

A kid can be considered really clear only when he has mastered all four spitting techniques to perfection.