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How to become a style icon: 7 secrets


One of the main conditions is the unity of the style you created. You can’t pull all kinds of diverse elements, mix them up and declare that this is your unique and, especially, high, imitative style.

Another important point is an attractive appearance and a slender figure. Although miracles do happen, and you might be able to become a true style icon for women XXXL. This has not happened in history. And if you will be the first, millions of fatties will breathe a sigh of relief and will thank you so much. But be that as it may, elegance and grace must be present necessarily.

And the last: to become a style icon, you need to become famous. At least on the scale of the institution where you work, the school or university where you study. After all, there are local trendsetters. This is where to start.

So, first, sort out your wardrobe. Get rid of all unnecessary, leaving only key things. And in the future, buy only that emphasizes your merits. Do not chase fashion, you can’t keep up with it anyway. Make the “backbone” of your wardrobe from classic things that never go out of style. Everything else will already be strung on this skeleton. The basic things include a small black dress, classic jeans, a white blouse, a cashmere sweater, hairpins, ballet flats, a quality bag and clutch. And the right accessories will give you chic and style.

Remember that style and fashion are two different concepts. You can put on a grandmother's hat from the chest and be the most stylish girl in the area, or you can buy a hat from the latest collection of the famous Couturier for fabulous money and look more than ridiculous. A sense of taste and style defines everything.

And another very important point - you should look as natural and relaxed as possible. So, whether you were the one to get the first thing you got from the closet, and not thought out your outfit for more than one day.

Get inspired, not copy

If you think that the things in your wardrobe do not fit together, are outdated and out of fashion, and every new purchase eventually brings disappointment, try another way. Perhaps the reason that you are not able to create stylish images and organic combinations lies in the wrong technique? So it's time to change it.

At the first stage, you should not try to take cities with your irresistibility. Let's start with a simple one.

It makes sense to subscribe to the channels of successful fashion bloggers and listen to their advice. A lot of good information can also be found in glossy magazines on fashion and style.

To get started, look for a few successful, in your opinion, images and try to implement them. Many magazines sign brand names and even store addresses with photos. Of course, most of these things are insanely expensive, but do not give up. Look for similar wardrobe items that you can afford.

After a couple of successful experiments, stop. Do not get carried away copying. Gradually bring something of your own into successful bows. Otherwise, you risk becoming not a style icon, but its replica.

Trend is a recommendation, not a law

A truly stylish woman is always up to date with fashion news. Follow the trends, but do not forget that no one forces you to obediently follow the ideas of fashion houses.

Excessive passion for trends is a sign of bad taste. Yes, and you will have to spend a lot of money on the wardrobe, because new items go out of fashion just a couple of months after the appearance. In addition, not every trendy wardrobe item is universal, a novelty may just not suit you. You can recall many examples of frankly unsuccessful trends that looked good only on the catwalk and professional photos.

About Mixing

Even many wealthy women have a lot of things from the mass market. If you have enough money for shopping, you don’t have to spend all the money on things from expensive brands.

Manufacturers of youth clothing of the middle price segment often delight fans with very successful collections. Take a closer look at the Zara, Next, H&M and Asos catalogs, you will surely find many wonderful onions. And the best part is that the prices of youth brands are quite affordable. At seasonal sales, you can generally skimp on a small amount. Black Friday on the nose! It's time to buy quality things at a nice price.

Combining expensive things with high-quality budget ones in the wardrobe, you will get good results.

What can not be saved

Recall that leading brands, such as Dolce & Gabana, never lower the price tag to the level of an urban department store. Jimmy Choo shoes are always expensive, like the original Louis Vitton bag. But the high price is due not only to a big name, but also to excellent quality and great style.

Cheap shoes made of low-quality material will reduce the cost of any look. This rule is also true for a bag, wallet, sunglasses, belt.

Spend some solid accessories. Even in the company of a cotton T-shirt and simple jeans, they will play the main game. The image will be stylish and expensive.

By the way, another advantage of expensive accessories is their durability. A high-quality bag will last not a year or two, while completely losing its presentability and gloss.

The past must be left in the past

It is important to monitor not only trends, but also antitrends. What was in fashion a couple of years ago, it's time to send the mezzanines to the far corner. By the way, if a thing is in good condition, do not rush to part with it forever: it is likely that in 7-10 years it will again be relevant.

Autumn 2018 is the time when it is time to stop getting carried away by shapeless snoods, tight-fitting cardigans of bright colors, parks with colored fur and sets of “scarf-gloves-hat”. The time for these things has passed.

Headsets of jewelry, consisting of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets, by the way, are also time to leave in the past. Combine jewelry of different sizes and shapes, experiment with color tandems - this is truly stylish. Even metal combinations of different colors, which were recently considered to be bad manners, are quite acceptable today.

Time and place

Stylish woman will never wear a tracksuit in a restaurant. She will not go for a walk in the autumn weather in sandals or boots with an open toe. And going to the fitness center, he will surely leave jewelry with large stones at home.

Correspondence of the situation and the time of day is stylish and competent. Surprise is better to save for the New Year's party.