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Chasing the former


Human rights defenders are confident that the Memex Patriarch base developed in the UK is a powerful contribution to future investigations and the administration of justice. But is only the efforts of human rights defenders enough for this? Gennady Shcherbak (Peace Coast), Yevgeny Zakharov (Kharkiv Human Rights Group), Alexandra Matviychuk (Euromaidan SOS) and Vladimir Yavorsky (Center for Civil Liberties) spoke about the work of the Coalition on March 14.

A neighbor insults, threatens and scares what to do?

Once every 3-5 years, the sister makes a statement to the district police officer, but, as a rule, there is no reaction to her appeals, since the sister is registered with the IPA, but the neighbor is not.

That is, once in Kazakhstan she was registered, but we cannot prove it. I would like to know if my sister has the right to protection from this? If so, how to get to the precinct?

In favor of my sister would be the fact that a neighbor insults and gets everyone in the house.

How to respond if you think you are being chased

To the article “Application to the prosecutor’s office: how to write a complaint”, the user Zell15 sent a comment, which the editors of cannot ignore. Because in this situation, each of us may be.

Here is this comment: “A man threatens me and my mother ... He periodically calls his mother with a home, mobile, and work phone number with threats ... this has been going on for more than six months.

Attack Rules

Try, as far as possible, to evaluate the person opposing you, paying attention to his physical and mental data, mood and possible features in behavior.

Both of these make you a potential victim.

“Always look in the eyes of the person you are talking to.”

On the excommunication of Leo Tolstoy from the Church

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Insult to personality article in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Here I will try to disclose in more detail what responsibility awaits for insulting a person, including on the Internet and how to prove this insult. In the current Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, responsibility for insulting a person is provided for in Art. 130, and the new Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which comes into force on January 1, 2014, is provided for in Art.

Actions pursued by ex-husband

What if the ex-husband is stalking? Each individual situation should be considered individually, in this matter there can be many pitfalls. It is especially necessary to act with caution if the interests of common children are involved in the matter.

For starters, you can just talk to him, explain that your relationship has come to a logical conclusion, you no longer have feelings for him and there can be nothing else between you.

It happens that a guy begins to blackmail him with something terrible, but he should not give in to such provocations. Studies have shown that the male population at this step is extremely rare.

If after the conversation "heart to heart" nothing has changed much, then just stop all communication with your ex-husband. You can not answer his calls, do not open the door if he comes to you. The former may be cunning and call from other phone numbers, in this case, just think of a suitable reason to end the conversation.

Where to go for help if an ex-boyfriend is chasing

  • First of all, a professional psychologist can help,
  • Women's Assistance Centers for Abused Women
  • police,
  • prosecutor's office.

Circumstances can be very different, a man cannot reconcile himself with the loss of his beloved, and his quivering feelings turn into anger, the owner awakens in him, he begs you to come back, asks and even demands, while he begins to threaten reprisal. Remember that you should always know how to protect yourself from threats.

To convince such a person is almost impossible, he believes that a divorce or just a break is an exclusively formality, and you still remain his wife or just a girl.

A serious problem is beginning to ripen, and it must be resolved immediately. Such people begin to constantly call, come without warning, chase, etc. It is likely that the guy may begin psychological problems due to the current situation, and only a real specialist can help in this matter.

When the girl became the initiator of the break, the man, in order to pacify his restrained pride, begins to recoup on her. The purpose of this behavior is to want to spoil your nervous system. And then threats begin to pour in, and not only in your address, blackmail of reprisals against your relatives and good friends, it happens that comes to the assault.

It is worth hinting at his fault in the breakup and making it clear that life is not over, he will have new and quite strong relations, but with another girl.

If you have not achieved positive results after the conversation, go for more stringent measures, you can threaten, hinting that if the young man does not leave you behind, he will have big problems. Your appearance with trials at work with a guy will not cause much enthusiasm. You can declare that you will inform his management about the case of the persecution and about your intention to file a statement with the police.

Punishment for the persecution

From the point of view of the law, such behavior is punishable. A man encroaches on your personal life and freedom of movement. In case of violation of the established norms, the law provides for the punishment stipulated in the Criminal Code. If the situation becomes uncontrollable, you can safely file a lawsuit.

A separate part of the male population is experiencing a gap quite difficult, considering that the woman inflicted a personal insult to them. Women who rejected them fall under the rage of the aggressor and are forced to defend themselves. To begin with, appraise the situation sensibly whether the man really wants to harm you or is it a banal attempt to bring you back.

For security reasons, it is better to go outside until the final resolution of the problem. The most terrible is considered a threat to human life, it is not worth it to take some steps on your own. You must write a statement to the police.

In accordance with article of the Criminal Code under No. 119 (threat of murder), a penalty of imprisonment of up to two years is provided. The most problematic issue is the provision of evidence. In this case, you need to collect any evidence against your ex. It can be records of telephone conversations, testimonies of neighbors and relatives and even your children (only if they are 10 years old). You even have the right to file a lawsuit against your ex-spouse and win a trial where the children will testify under the supervision of a psychologist.

You also have the right to sue the prosecutor. In the header of such a statement, you should make a note “copy - police department”.

In the lawsuit, you indicate your full details and the person who pursues you (date of birth, place of work, position). In any form, state all the circumstances of your problem. In the end, you are asked to protect your rights, while referring to the Constitution.

Pursuit Protection

Can the fact of persecution be proved?In our country, this is quite difficult, but quite real.
Proof ofRecord telephone conversations in which threats to you are clearly audible. You can put video surveillance and make notes that show harassment to you, and possibly assault.
WitnessesIf scandals often began to occur in your house, the nearest neighbors are aware of your troubles. Ask them to help you get rid of the obsessive harassment.
Who can help?· If the situation is beyond the scope of what is permitted, you can contact the Women's Center for help. Experienced specialists will help you psychologically and will advise you on points, what to do next.
· Consult a psychologist. If possible, try to persuade your ex-spouse or boyfriend to visit a specialist. · Write a statement to law enforcement.

Be calm, the question "what to do if you are being persecuted" is completely resolved. It’s not worth panicking and going to extremes. Soberly assess the situation and do not let intimidate yourself. It is wrong to wait for an arbitrary resolution of the situation - act!