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Effective ways to lower blood pressure with drugs and without drugs at home


High blood pressure (BP) has long ceased to be a private problem in a certain group of patients. Hypertension has acquired such proportions that in many countries it has become a matter of national importance, which is why antihypertensive drugs are included in the lists of essential medicines.

Today, in the arsenal of medicine, there are several hundred antihypertensive drugs, but the number of patients with arterial hypertension (AH) continues to grow. This often prompts hypertensive patients to turn to alternative methods of treatment. Consider the most used ways to lower the pressure approved by official medicine.

How to reduce without drugs?

Doctors always insist, and it is worth recalling that self-medication in hypertension is life-threatening.

Incorrectly selected methods of treatment can lead to a cardiac or brain disaster, when only emergency resuscitation can save a person's life.

Those who do not want to face such problems are advised to first find out the cause of the increased pressure before trying to reduce it. Only the doctor can establish the most probable cause, so do not neglect the necessary diagnostic tests for this.

In most cases, hypertension requires ongoing (daily) maintenance therapy.

Therefore, non-drug methods of lowering blood pressure can be used only in combination with antihypertensive drugs or with slightly increased blood pressure, that is, with stage I hypertension. These methods include cardinal changes in lifestyle and diet:

  • giving up bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol, coffee abuse),
  • changing the regime of the day with the obligatory inclusion of physical activity (for a start - at least light morning exercises),
  • the exclusion from the diet of foods that “interfere” with lowering the pressure: salty, smoked, spicy and fatty foods, as well as sweets, snacks and pastries,
  • the predominance of a diet rich in fiber, micro and macro elements, vitamins and unsaturated acids - vegetables, fruits, seeds (including flaxseed), nuts, fish,
  • avoidance of stress is for some the most difficult condition to fulfill, but to stabilize blood pressure it is worth learning to relax or meditate properly in order to distract from stress factors.

Sometimes these methods can significantly slow down the progression of hypertension. But if the causes of hypertension are pathologies of the internal organs or endocrine disorders, it is not possible to effectively reduce the pressure without eliminating them.

How to lower quickly at home?

If blood pressure suddenly rises, and there is no way to quickly call a doctor, and there are no medications at hand, you can lower the pressure at home using emergency non-drug methods.

Many cardiologists practice such techniques for their patients.

  1. To lower blood pressure at home, you must try not to panic at the sight of high blood pressure indicators, but to pull yourself together and calmly think about how you can relieve high blood pressure at home.
  2. Effectively, but briefly reduce high pressure helps deep breathing with a 2-4-second delay in inspiration.
  3. Staying in the fresh air or just an influx of fresh air into the room where the patient is located helps a little from high blood pressure.
  4. Sometimes the cause of a jump in blood pressure becomes cervical osteochondrosis, in which case cold at the neck, temples and forehead, for example, a cold damp towel, will help lower the pressure at home.
  5. Many people use hot baths for legs or hands to reduce pressure, which allows peripheral blood vessels to expand and better allow blood to pass through.
  6. To reduce high blood pressure, which nevertheless made you worry and is accompanied by an increased pulse, you can drink 50-80 drops of valocordin or corvalol (the number of drops is selected depending on the age and weight of the patient).

If the blood pressure is very high, you should not try to lower it quickly, this can create an additional burden on the heart. During exacerbation of arterial hypertension, it is better to follow the sequence of actions and constantly monitor blood pressure by regular measurements (at least 1 time per hour).

Medications for high blood pressure

Once declared hypertension, as a rule, this does not calm down, it will again appear periodically. You will still have to meet with a doctor and get qualified recommendations from him on how to reduce high blood pressure. Doctors usually insist on drug therapy.

Causes of high blood pressure

Pill forms of antihypertensive drugs represent the largest and most popular group of drugs of this therapeutic focus. To effectively lower the pressure, tablets of the following pharmacological groups are used:

  • inhibitors (blockers) of angiotensin converting enzyme - Perindopril, Lisinopril, Enalapril, Kapoten, etc.,
  • slow calcium channel blockers (BMCC) - Diltiazem, Verapamil, Phenigidin,
  • beta-blockers - Propranolol, Betaxolol, Anaprilin,
  • alpha-blockers - Prazosin, Vegetrox,
  • angiotensin II receptor blockers - Valsacor, Losartan,
  • central antihypertensive drugs - Methyldopa, Moxonidine, Clonidine,
  • diuretics - Furosemide, Hypothiazide, Spironolactone.

Other drugs

To lower the pressure in the event of its initial increase, short-acting drugs in the form of tinctures are suitable:

Typically, these drops are mixed in approximately the same proportions until a teaspoon is obtained and washed down with water. In the initial stages of hypertension, these tinctures effectively help lower the pressure. But, if hypertension progresses, it will be impossible to lower the pressure with drops, it is necessary to consult a doctor and carefully select a hypotensive therapy regimen.

What helps with high blood pressure from folk remedies?

In addition to medicines (and not instead of them), it is possible to use the medicinal properties of medicinal plants with hypotensive effect. These are the already mentioned herbs used for the preparation of pharmacy alcohol tinctures:

In addition to them, fruits of viburnum red and mountain ash, young shoots of mistletoe and peppermint oil have the ability to lower pressure. The action of the latter, in some sources, is called Nifedipine, competing in effectiveness with BMCC, which official medicine does not comment on. The antihypertensive effects of other medicinal plants are interesting:

  • Highlander (knotweed), whose small seeds are loved by birds to feast on, its effect is compared with diuretic drugs,
  • Soushenitsa - a herbaceous plant used in the treatment of the initial stages of arterial hypertension,
  • shepherd’s bag, which has not only diuretic and hypotensive effects, but also other therapeutic effects,
  • muzzle (shootout), also showing a diuretic effect,
  • odorous dill - and this plant is familiar to everyone and has antihyperlipidemic, sedative, diuretic and antispasmodic properties and, in the absence of allergies, can be used even during pregnancy.

From all this diversity, you can choose any way to lower the pressure - either in the form of teas with the addition of flowers and berries of barberry and hawthorn, or decoctions based on herbal preparations.

Pills in a blister pack

Medicines in order to bring down, without side effects

Patients seeking ways to reduce blood pressure without side effects are forced to disappoint. Medicines that do not exhibit side effects do not yet exist. But from the above groups of drugs, you can choose medications with the least undesirable effects. Doctors, for example, recommend paying attention to selective blockers of calcium channels of the second generation (the third generation of BMCC in the Russian Federation has not yet been registered, but patients in Europe and the USA are already effectively lowering their pressure). Second generation calcium antagonists include:

  • Falipamil, Animapamil, Gallopamil - means of verapamilovy group,
  • Clentiazem - tablets of the diltiazem group,
  • Norvask (amlodipine), Octidipine, Plendil (felodipine) - medications of the nifedipine group.

If there are no contraindications or intolerance to ACE inhibitors, you can recommend the French drug Prestarium based on perindopril and some of its analogues.

The angiotensin II blockers - Lozap, Valsartan also have good characteristics and the ability to lower blood pressure.

Beta-blockers Nebivolol, Nebilet help reduce pressure in patients prone to tachycardia.

For patients with angina pectoris, a combined medication (ACE inhibitor and BMCC) Prestans is preferred.

With concomitant arterial hypertension, liver diseases, an ACE inhibitor, Lisinopril, is recommended.

The options for choosing effective and at the same time the safest means to lower the pressure are enough to use them both in the combination therapy regimen and as independent drugs. But only that which is prescribed by the doctor, taking into account the characteristics of specific hypertension, will help to effectively lower the pressure.

Drop Products

Speaking about non-drug methods of treatment, we have already touched on an important issue - a decisive change in diet. Are there products whose use really helps to lower blood pressure, which reduces blood pressure along with medications?

Unfortunately, no product can be put on a par with antihypertensive drugs in terms of effectiveness.

Indirectly helping to lower the pressure and all the products that prevent the deposition of salts in the body and cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels - vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, vegetables, fruits, herbs, whole grain cereals.

What can not be done to reduce the house?

In order not to bring yourself more harm than just high blood pressure, you should not self-medicate, and this condition must be met unconditionally.

  1. If an attack of hypertension is found at home, you should not get a first-aid kit and try to lower the pressure with tablets prescribed for households. What is good for one organism can cause a completely undesirable reaction in another.
  2. For the same reason, you don’t need to drink the medicines that are written on the forums and in the otzoviks without the consent of the doctor, they can not only not suit you and lower your blood pressure, but also manifest side effects.
  3. The same warnings apply to untested folk remedies, the action of which can result in unpredictable consequences.
  4. No need to follow the "advice" of famous people who advertise some "super-funds, which official medicine is silent about."

Medicine is silent because the effectiveness of these "cure-alls" has not been proven. Advertising texts under photographs of celebrities (Dr. Komarovsky, Elena Malysheva or “the country's chief cardiologist”) are usually written without their knowledge.

All of the above applies to those patients who seek to lower their pressure in order to get rid of their symptoms.

But there is another, no less dangerous position - to endure symptoms of hypertension to the last. There are patients who cannot be forced to sit down, relax, measure blood pressure, or wait for a doctor.

A lot of strokes happen to a person at the very moment of his usual activity, when the alarming body signals are simply ignored by him.