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How to open Docx?


Those who work a lot with text documents probably had to deal with files with the docx extension. These files are baffled by many users; they do not know how to open docx. In this article, we will consider programs with which you can work with docx files.

Microsoft Word 2007 or later

The docx format gained popularity after the release of the Microsoft Office 2007 office suite. The Microsoft Word 2007 program, which is included in this office suite, by default offers to save new documents in docx format.

Therefore, it is Microsoft Word 2007 that provides the highest quality support for this format.

Microsoft Word 2003

One of the most popular office programs is still Microsoft Word 2003. If you use just such a program, you can also open the docx format. But since initially this program is not able to work with docx, you will have to download an add-on that will add support for this format to the program.

The add-on is distributed absolutely free of charge and can be easily downloaded from the Microsoft website: >

Free OpenOffice and LibreOffice Office Packages

Microsoft Word text editor works fine with docx files. But this program is part of the paid office suite Microsoft Office. Therefore, if you need a free solution to open a docx file, then pay attention to the free office suite OpenOffice and LibreOffice.

These office suites include a text editor called Writer. With it, you can easily open and edit the docx file.

Online docx to doc converter

If all the methods described above didn’t suit you, and you still don’t know how to open the docx file, then you may find it useful to use the online converter from docx to doc format. This service is located at

With its help, you can easily and quickly turn a docx file into a regular doc file, which you can then open with any program that supports it.

In order to convert docx to doc, just click on the “Browse” button and select the desired docx file. After that, the service will perform the conversion and offer to download the doc file, for this you need to click on the “Download” button.

How to open a .docx file?

First, let's deal with the contents of this standard. As you know, files with the extension .docx include text, pictures, formatting styles, drawn elements. Such documents are created in Microsoft Word, but they can be opened and edited using other software. It is worth adding that unlike the .DOC extension, which includes information in one binary file, these types of documents are based on the open XML format. Their main point is to make the content of documents more accessible. Speaking about how to open a DOCX file, the assortment is wide: from earlier versions of Word 2007 to more convenient and universal free editors, including Windows Office. In the latter case, you do not have to additionally download extensions to work with other standards of office programs.

How to view and edit DOCX online

There are a considerable number of services on the network that allow one way or another to open documents in the DOCX format. Here are just really powerful tools of this kind among them a few units. However, the best of them are able to completely replace stationary analogues due to the presence of all the same functions and ease of use.

Windows Office program to open docx files

If the associations on your PC are set up correctly, you don’t have to figure out how to open docx - just double-click on the document using the Windows Office application. In the document properties, you can configure the opening of this permission by the specified program by default. If the correct application of the permission is not configured, then clicking on the file will open a window in which you can specify the path to the program for working with docx files. In our case, this is Windows Office. Actually, that’s all. In the future, in order to view or edit the document, no additional actions are required other than double-clicking on the file. It is worth adding that the proposed utility is lightweight, quickly installed and regularly offline.

Free Windows Office

Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 Version: 1.0 12/04/2015
File size: 45.2 MB.

Method 1: Google Docs

Oddly enough, it was Dobra Corporation that created the best browser-based analogue of the office suite from Microsoft. The tool from Google allows you to fully work in the "cloud" with Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations.

The only drawback of this solution is that only authorized users have access to it. Therefore, before you open a DOCX file, you will have to log in to your Google account.

If there is none, go through a simple registration procedure.

After authorization in the service, you will be taken to a page with recent documents. The files you’ve ever worked with in the Google Cloud are displayed here.

  1. To proceed with uploading the .docx file to Google Docs, click on the directory icon in the upper right.
  2. In the window that opens, go to the tab "Loading".
  3. Next, click on the button that says “Select a file on the computer” and select the document in the file manager window.

It’s possible in another way - just drag the DOCX file from Explorer to the corresponding area on the page.

  • As a result, the document will be opened in the editor window.
  • When working with a file, all changes are automatically saved in the "cloud", namely on your Google Drive. Having finished editing the document, it can be downloaded to the computer again. To do this, go to "File"Download as and select the format you want.

    If you’re at least a little familiar with Microsoft Word, you’ll hardly need to get used to working with DOCX in Google Docs. Differences in the interface between the program and the online solution from Dobra Corporation are minimal, and the set of tools is completely similar.

    Method 2: Microsoft Word Online

    The Redmond company also offers its own solution for working with DOCX files in a browser. Microsoft Office Online also includes the familiar word processor Word. However, unlike Google Docs, this tool is a significantly "stripped down" version of the program for Windows.

    However, if you need to edit or view a bulky and relatively simple file, a service from Microsoft is also perfect for you.

    Again, using this solution without authorization will fail. You will have to log into your Microsoft account, because, like in Google Docs, your own “cloud” is used to store editable documents. In this case, such is the OneDrive service.

    So, to get started with Word Online, log in or create a new Microsoft account.

    After entering your account, an interface will open that is very similar to the main menu of the stationary version of MS Word. On the left is a list of recent documents, and on the right is a grid with templates for creating a new DOCX file.

    Immediately on this page you can upload a document for editing on the service, or rather, on OneDrive.

    1. Just find the button "Send a document" To the right of the top of the list of templates and use it to import the DOCX file from the computer’s memory.
    2. After downloading the document, a page with an editor opens, the interface of which is even more so than that of Google, it resembles the very Word.

    Like Google Documents, everything, even the smallest changes, are automatically saved in the “cloud”, so you don’t have to worry about data safety. Having finished working with the DOCX file, you can simply leave the page with the editor: the finished document will remain in OneDrive, from where it can be downloaded at any time.

    Another option is to immediately download the file to your computer.

    1. To do this, first go to the section "File" menu bar MS Word Online.
    2. Then select "Save as" in the list of options on the left.

    It remains only to use the appropriate method of downloading the document: in the original format, as well as with the PDF or ODT extension.

    In general, the solution from Microsoft has no advantages over Google Docs. Unless you are actively using OneDrive storage and want to quickly edit the DOCX file.

    Method 3: Zoho Writer

    This service is less popular than the previous two, but this is by no means deprived of functionality. In contrast, Zoho Writer offers even greater document capabilities than Microsoft's solution.

    To use this tool, it is not necessary to create a separate Zoho account: you can simply log in to the site using your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.

    1. So, on the welcome page of the service, to start working with it, click on the button "Start Writing".
    2. Next, create a new Zoho account by entering your email address in the field Email Address, or use one of the social networks.
    3. After authorization in the service, the workspace of the online editor will appear before you.
    4. To load a document in Zoho Writer click on the button "File" in the top menu bar and select Import Document.
    5. On the left there will be a form for uploading a new file to the service. There are two options for importing a document into Zoho Writer - from computer memory or by link.
    6. After you have used one of the ways to download the DOCX file, click on the button that appears "Open".
    7. As a result of these actions, the contents of the document will be displayed in the editing area after a few seconds.

    After making the necessary changes in the DOCX file, it can be downloaded to the computer's memory again. To do this, go to "File""Download as" and select the desired format.

    As you can see, this service is somewhat cumbersome, but despite this, it is very convenient to use. In addition, Zoho Writer can easily compete with Google Docs for a variety of various functions.

    Method 4: DocsPal

    If you don’t need to change the document, but there is only a need to view it, the DocsPal service will be an excellent solution in this case. This tool does not require registration and allows you to quickly open the desired DOCX file.

      1. To go to the document viewing module on the DocsPal website, on the main page, select the tab View Files.
      2. Next, upload the DOCX file to the site. To do this, click on the button "Select a file" or just drag the desired document to the appropriate area of ​​the page.
      3. Having prepared the DOCX file for import, click on the button "View file" at the bottom of the form.
      4. As a result, after fairly quick processing, the document will be presented on the page in a readable form.

    In fact, DocsPal converts each page of the DOCX file into a separate image and therefore you will not be able to work with the document. Only the reading option is available.

    Drawing a conclusion, it can be noted that the truly full-fledged tools for working with DOCX files in the browser are Google Docs and Zoho Writer services. Word Online, in turn, helps you quickly edit a document in the OneDrive cloud. Well, DocsPal is best for you if you only need to take a look at the contents of a DOCX file.

    Ask user to re-save document

    In the new versions of MS Word, you can save files with the * .doc extension, for this you need not just click on the save button, as we usually do, but indicate with which extension you want to save the file.

    To do this, click "File" - "Save As."

    Now select the file type: “Word 97-2003 * .doc Document” and then click on the “Save” button.

    This method is suitable for those users who may ask another user for this action. Once it is saved in the desired file type, it can safely send you this document, because this time you can successfully open it and make changes to it.

    Add-on Package for Microsoft Office

    The problem that we are analyzing now is not only yours and therefore Microsoft has created compatibility software specifically for such users, with which you can open files created in MS Word 2007/2010/2013 without any problems. After installing this package, you can save files in Microsoft Office 2003 and then work with this document.

    Compatibility Pack can be downloaded here. Check the box below and click Continue.

    The installation of the package will begin. After installation, a message appears stating that the installation is complete. Click OK.

    We try to open files that until recently did not open.

    Free on - line service

    Above we figured out than open docx. But also do not forget about services that can come in handy when there is no time to download and install programs.

    The last of the ways I wanted to talk about is online converter. There is such a wonderful site with which you can convert for free docx file in doc.

    So, for starters, we need to indicate which docx the file must be converted. To do this, click on the “Browse. ", A window appears where we indicate the path to the file * .docx and click the "Open" button.

    If the file is small, the conversion will be quick. And with a large file, the process may take a while, so keep that in mind. After uploading your file to the service, we wait a couple of seconds when the message “File converted!” Appears, then the file has been processed.

    To download the file, click on the “Download” button, which is located a little lower.

    In the above methods, I told you how to open docx in word 2003. But if there are other programs that may be installed on your computer, then you can also use them for your own purposes. If you have the free OpenOffice text editor installed, then you can use it to open / save the doc and docx files. OpenOffice is free, has a user-friendly interface and can work with this format.

    So a small overview came to the end of how to open the docx file. As mentioned above, the choice of how to open the file is yours.