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How to wash makeup brushes: tips


The co-author of this article is Laura Martin. Laura Martin is a licensed cosmetologist from Georgia. Has been working as a hairdresser since 2007 and has been teaching cosmetology since 2013.

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Makeup brushes are important to keep clean. This will not only protect your cosmetics from mixing colors, but also protect you from bacteria that can cause acne. Fortunately, washing cosmetic brushes is easy enough!

It's pretty simple

Glossy magazines contain a wealth of information on how to give yourself the look you want. Even teenagers can learn lessons in which the basics of makeup are taught, of which there are a large number.

The importance of the procedure

To avoid acne, you need to carefully follow the rules of hygiene, which can only be followed if properly cleaned. Then inflammation and black spots appear less likely.

How often to wash makeup brushes? Experts advise doing this after each use. Few people know about this and neglect this advice. This is how you can maximally protect yourself from germs. Not only the remnants of cosmetics are formed on the pile, but also the fat that gets on it from your skin.

It is necessary to carry out disinfection using special means. What are these mixtures and how to choose the right one? Just rinsing with water may not be enough, because persistent cosmetics and tenacious microbes never disappear from the hairs.

A set of makeup brushes can be processed in several ways. Different makeup artists prefer different techniques. Everyone finds what he considers more convenient. A tool for cleaning bristles is a fairly new development. Before that, cosmetic companies did not produce them, but over time they began to pay more attention to hygiene issues. Some experts speak of such an innovation as pumping money, which is not really necessary, while others say that greed is not appropriate here, since health and clean skin are much more important.

Suitable remedies

So how to wash makeup brushes so that the term and quality of their work are optimal? You can purchase specially designed shampoo for this purpose. If you are not inclined to such difficulties and big expenses, the good, old soap can become a good helper in this matter. It is already in almost every house, so the task is greatly simplified.

To wash the tool, just wet it and draw a pile along the surface. Thanks to this, you can get rid of hidden germs. A powder brush is often contaminated by the viscous foundation with which it comes in contact. In combination with powder, a rather dense and dense mixture is obtained in general, with which water alone will not be able to cope. However, soap is quite within the power. It also perfectly cleans hairs from eyeliner, lipstick and waterproof mascara.

In addition, you can use shampoo with which you wash your hair. If the pile on the brush is natural, the product is perfect. Only with thorough cleaning and maintaining hygiene will your makeup tools last as long as possible.

Professional solution

Rive Gauche brushes are quite popular now. With all the excellent quality, they need proper care. The selected product must be thoroughly foamed so that the result is the best. There are no difficulties in this operation, you just need to make it a habit like brushing your teeth or washing your own hair.

Perhaps, only make-up artists who have to work with a clientele a lot need a special detergent. Such a bottle can be put in a purse and carried with you on trips. At home, soap or shampoo is enough.

Action algorithm

It is worth remembering the step-by-step instructions that spell out how to wash makeup brushes. To get started, take a paper towel on which the tools you plan to clean lie. Cotton fabric is also needed where they will be dried.

Warm water turns on, you should drip a little funds on your own palm. Move with a brush in the mixture so that a foam appears. Do not push too hard or be too zealous, because the pile should not change its shape.

Then they are laid out on the towel so that they do not touch each other. For drying, tools are placed in a warm place. The windowsill under which the battery works is perfect. After a few hours, you can use cosmetics again.

Develop a habit

Having figured out how to wash makeup brushes, it is worth bringing the procedure to automatism. Do not be lazy, downplay its significance and use tools many times without washing them. So you give green light to the reproduction of microbes.

Devices with which you apply foundation, liquid eyeshadow or eyeliner should be washed immediately, since these cosmetics dry quickly and then are poorly removed even with the help of special shampoos.

Drying with a hairdryer will only do harm, so do not use this method. When washing, you do not need to rub the pile too much, so it spoils, loses its shape, hairs fly out of it.

All ingenious is simple

There are no special differences in the cleaning technology of natural and synthetic materials. The same rules described above apply to them. They are quite enough to ensure long-lasting and high-quality work of brushes. Also, do not spend too much on special means if you do not have material resources for this.

Why is care so important?

Regular return to its original form allows not only to preserve its beauty, but also to extend the life of tools for creating make-up. Especially often it is necessary to arrange "hygiene procedures" for those samples that contain natural hair. It literally attracts dust particles to itself and, with time, becomes very dirty.

If you care for your sponges and brushes incorrectly, the condition of your beauty arsenal will deteriorate, which will certainly affect the quality of your makeup and your skin. Dirt on the pile and sponge surface of the sponge is a favorable environment for the growth of bacteria. Therefore, rashes appear on the face, on which often insufficiently clean natural or artificial hairs glide. You can even introduce an infection under the skin, neglecting the rules for caring for daily make-up tools.

Can I wash my makeup brushes with soap and how often do I need to do this

Synthetics can be cleaned in soapy water - this will not affect its characteristics. But natural pile requires special, extremely careful handling, since the use of certain products can cause a change in the quality of applying cosmetics. Choosing the wrong method can cause the hairs to fluff.

Many people care about another important question: how often do makeup tools have a “bathing day”? The frequency of care depends on what your brushes are for:

For applying lipstick and foundation

Mine after each new use - that is, every day. Especially a lot of bacteria and dust gather on the artificial pile. In addition, fat remains with the remains of lipstick and foundation. If you do not get rid of it, the make-up will not succeed.

For powder, eyeshadow, blush

Such tools from the beauty arsenal should be cleaned once a week or, if necessary, in case of severe contamination. In this case, you must act extremely carefully so as not to damage the integrity of the pile - not a single hair should fall out. Especially delicate need to do with the base - if after cleaning it remains shattered, to achieve perfect lines and uniform shading will be very difficult.

How to clean and wash makeup brushes at home

Immediately, we say that for them there are special care products. Using them is convenient and easy. If you have the opportunity to buy professional cleaners, do it.

How to use products intended not only for makeup artists, but also for amateurs? To begin, we will tell you how to not:

Dilute the cleaner with water and leave a brush in it. Some forget about it for 10, or even all 20 minutes. From such careless handling, the hairs simply turn sour.

Roughly rub the tool on a napkin with the product applied to it. So you fluff the pile, it will lose shape, many hairs can fall out.

We recommend that you use the special fluid correctly:

Apply to a wet brush.

Rub into the hairs, rinse off the applied cleaner.

Get wet with a cloth and give the fibers the desired shape.

If the pile is natural, the liquid is applied abundantly - for deeper penetration and impregnation. The synthetics can be washed as follows: pour a little funds into the cap and lower the brush into it. After it is thoroughly washed under running water and dried or cleaned with a cloth.

The described method is universal for most professional cleaners. Some argue that additional washing of the pile is not necessary. However, most products contain ingredients that can cause allergies or irritation on contact with the face, so it is better for owners of sensitive skin to play it safe and get rid of their hair residue. In addition, the instructions for use of some formulations have a corresponding indication. If it is missing, you can skip this step.

We talked about how to properly wash makeup brushes, if you have at hand a special liquid for cleaning and disinfection. But what to do for those who do not have it?

You can use a mild shampoo (for children).

Another option is a simple antibacterial soap.

But do not forget that:

Lipstick and foundation brushes tend to stick together. So during their washing with a professional product, in water with the addition of shampoo or soap, you need to thoroughly clean the pile with your fingers - to the very tips. In this case, you can not pull the hairs or split them, rub them, press on them - all this leads to deformation.

In a different way, you should do with tools for blush, eyeshadow and powder. They are just dipped in water with foam, so that after rinsing the head without touching the pile itself. After the procedure, you can slightly squeeze out the wet surface with a soft cloth. This must be done carefully so as not to deform it.

Makeup tools can be dried in an inclined, vertical or horizontal position. Optimum drying - at room temperature, gradual and thorough.

How to wash sponges that are constantly dirty? For perfect cleansing, they need to be soaked for a few minutes. To do this, you must first prepare a solution of water with the addition of a mild antibacterial soap or shampoo, and then put a sponge in it. Then you can gently squeeze it to get rid of excess fluid, rinse under running water, allow to dry in the open air. The spongy surface should be washed after each use.

How to clean makeup brushes: tips for problem skin owners

If your skin is oily or prone to acne, you should focus not only on the cleansing itself, but also on the disinfection of the pile. For this, there are special liquid products, sprays, which should be applied at least 3 times a week.

A good alternative to professional cleaners is chlorhexidine, which can be bought at any pharmacy. You can use it in its pure form, or you can add it to the prepared soap solution or in water with a mild shampoo.

Mitten helps get rid of dirt

The latter method may seem revolutionary, but every day it becomes more and more popular. It is about using a special silicone mittens. There are several sections on it - each of them differs in texture and pattern. There are surfaces:

for rinsing and washing the pile,

for disinfectant solution,

for deep cleaning,

for squeezing (suitable only for tools designed for applying a tonal base).

This unique and unusual product will be useful not only for makeup artists, but also for lovers who want to find a universal and effective tool. Some people think that the mittens are washed without soap, but this is a misconception - a cleanser or shampoo should be applied to its surface.

Finally, we recall that the quality of makeup depends not only on what makeup you use, but also on what brushes you apply it. At Dream Minerals you will find tools for perfect shading of shadows, concealer, primer, concealer, lipstick, powder, blush, as well as multifunctional options with synthetic nap. The professional components of the beauty arsenal with proper care are not deformed and can last you for many years.

For those who want to see how to properly wash makeup brushes - a video describing the main steps.

Do not forget that the tools to create a perfect make-up need to be kept clean - with a dirty pile it will be difficult for you to achieve perfectly even application of powder, eyeshadow, foundation or lipstick. Proper care will help to tidy not only the hairs of kabuki, but also your skin - bacteria and dirt will no longer get on it. Keep this in mind and do not leave the contents of your cosmetic bag unattended.