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How to cook meat steak


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If you want to eat a juicy steak, but you don’t have a grill on hand, do not worry! You can easily cook a steak in a regular pan. Take steaks no thinner than 2.5 centimeters and fry them for 3-6 minutes on each side. For extra flavor, season the meat with butter and spices, and use mashed potatoes, broccoli, or salad as a side dish. Do not forget about red wine!

Cooking a steak: instructions for use

Primitive people, frying meat on a fire, did not assume that they were at the origins of steak culture, because in those days it was the only way to cook meat. Later, the priests of ancient Rome offered the gods in the ritual of sacrifice thick chunks of meat, fried on both sides on a grill right in the temple. However, the first meat steak recipe officially published in the cookbook was born in Great Britain in the 15th century, and soon the whole of Europe grilled steaks in different ways, depending on the culinary traditions of different countries. After Columbus introduced cattle with high-quality meat to America, steaks were also cooked on the American continent, and in a short time this dish became part of the national cuisine of the New World. It was in America that the preparation of steaks turned into a real art, and every American chef knows how to deliciously fry a steak. There are certain subtleties that relate to the choice of meat and various culinary techniques of frying, knowledge of which will help in mastering this virtuoso art. So, let's try to cook meat steak at home!

What are the steaks

There are many types of steaks. For example, a thick piece of beef without bone, with a fat layer cut from the rib part, is a rib eye, and a thin layer of meat without bone from the back is a striploin, which has an almost triangular shape. New York steak is similar to striploin, but there is no fat in it. “Porthouse” is the largest steak from the lumbar, and filet mignon is the most expensive, juicy, tender and tasty steak from the only round muscle in the bull’s body. T-bon steak is T-shaped bone meat and combines two types of meat - fillet and thin edge. Angleterre is made from meat from the inside of the shoulder blade, and the Cafe de Paris steak is made from a piece of the softest meat from the shoulder blade. A quasimodo steak is cut from the lumbar region of the back, and Montevideo is a rump steak. Round ramb steak is prepared from the upper part of the hip region, club steak from the back of the thick edge, sirloin from the femoral part of the carcass, and rum steak is a very thin and well-beaten tenderloin. As they say, choose a steak for every taste!

Only beef steak

The most important rule for cooking steaks is the right choice of meat. Initially, steaks were prepared from beef, so if they say “steak”, then they mean exactly a dish of beef. For other meat, clarification is required, therefore, in this case they write: pork, chicken, salmon and so on steak. But true steak connoisseurs claim that steaks from any meat other than beef are not steaks.

Naturally, selected beef is needed - it is believed that for an ideal steak you should take the meat of young bulls aged 1–1.5 years old breed Hereford, Shorthorn, Angus and Longhorn, fed with grass, wheat and corn. Gobies that grew on crops, and not just pinching grass on the lawn, acquire an unusually delicate fat layer, evenly distributed in the piece. This is how they get elite marbled beef, from which the best steaks in the world are made. It is interesting that for classic steaks they mainly take goat meat, and the same dish made from cow meat is called a steak.

How to choose steak meat

The carcass cutting method is also important, since it’s better to take meat steaks cut across, 2.5–4 cm thick. Such slicing allows the oil to penetrate the pores of the meat pulp, so the steaks are cooked quickly and are more juicy. By and large, only up to 10% of the carcass is suitable for steaks, so the meat intended for this dish is considered to be elite and expensive. Most suitable for steaks are the dorsal muscles - the fact is that pieces from parts of the body where the muscles are at rest are better fried and soft. It doesn’t matter if there is meat on the bone or without it, the main thing is that the piece be finished and you would not have to cut off unnecessary pieces of fat or veins from it. And the meat should be fresh, dry, saturated dark shade, with a smooth and silky surface. It is said that the most delicious steaks are obtained from slightly dried meat. The most important thing is that the meat should not be paired, otherwise the steak will turn out tough, and its taste, which just provides fermentation, will not be so rich and rich.

Cooking meat for frying

About an hour before cooking, the meat should be removed from the refrigerator so that it warms up to room temperature. This is necessary for uniform steak frying. If you cook frozen steaks, then in the evening they should be put out of the freezer in the refrigerator so that they thaw gradually. But experts say that steaks from previously frozen meat in many ways lose in taste.

Some housewives pickle steaks in lemon juice with salt and spices for softness and juiciness, although the choice of marinade is a matter of taste. Before frying, pieces of meat should be greased with olive oil and pepper, but when to salt the meat is a moot point. Some argue that you need to salt before roasting, while others are sure that it is more correct to salt after the appearance of a golden crust, and even better - already on a plate. The best way to do it is up to you, according to your personal taste preferences.

What dishes do steaks cook in?

You can quickly and tasty cook a steak in an oven, a Josper charcoal grill, on the open barbecue and in a grill pan, in which the meat does not burn and acquires an appetizing pattern. Fat, draining into the hollows of the pan, is not absorbed into the meat, and the dish turns out dietary. But after the oven, the meat is always juicier and softer, because it is cooked not only due to the high temperature emanating from metal utensils or a wire rack, but also thanks to the enveloping heat. If you use a regular pan, it should be with a thick bottom, although it is believed that the steak is not cooked in ordinary pans and in a slow cooker - only a grill is suitable for this purpose.

A grill pan or oven should be warmed up to the maximum extent possible by the beginning of frying, and butter can be used both butter and vegetable. However, if you take butter, then do not heat the pan too much. In this regard, frying in vegetable oil has its advantages, since it has a higher combustion temperature. Some chefs mix two types of oil to achieve the best result, but the ideal option is to cook steaks in ghee, which does not burn and has a mild flavor. By the way, the ribeye steak, which is universal, is most suitable for frying in a pan. The fat layer in the meat pulp quickly melts, saturating the steak and making it very juicy, tender and tasty.

How to cook a delicious steak: fry fast

The main rule of cooking a steak is to first very quickly fry it in a hot pan to a crust, and then bring it to a cook on a slower fire. The fact is that protein under the influence of high temperature coagulates and does not allow juice to leak from meat. Some chefs dry the steak before frying for an hour in the oven at a temperature of 60 ° C, since dried meat instantly gives a dense golden crust during frying. If you neglect this rule, the steak will turn out to be dry and hard. At the same time, do not forget to also fry the side edges of the steak, holding it for convenience with meat tongs. The steak, closed on all sides with a dense crust, will cook well and remain juicy. This is one of the main tricks of cooking steak. Do not overdo it with fire and do not bring the pan to the state that it will start to smoke, because if the steak is burned, you will not be able to continue frying, and it will turn out raw.

How long to fry steak, how to turn

A steak about 3 cm thick is fried on each side for 4–5 minutes, and if you have pieces of meat of a different size, add or subtract one minute for each centimeter. How to cook a steak - turn it over often or rarely? This is one of the most frequent questions of beginning cooks. There are two options: either turn it over every 30 seconds (of course, after the initial frying), or change the position of the steak no more than 4 times in all the time. In the first case, you will get evenly fried and not overdried steak, in the second case the steak will turn out to be very beautiful, with a pattern from a grill pan or grill.

It helps in frying and cutting pieces across the fibers. Streams of heat pass through the meat, continuing to heat it even after the steak is removed from the heat. That is why there is no need to fry the steak for a long time - it will reach the readiness in your plate. However, if you are afraid to serve raw meat on the table, cook the steak for about 15 minutes, but not more so that the beef does not lose tenderness and juiciness.

Determine the degree of preparation of the steak

There are six degrees of cooking, the choice of which depends solely on your personal tastes. When frying blue steak is obtained with blood, rar is a very slightly fried steak, but without blood. Steak medium rare - slightly fried meat: on the outside there is a crust, inside the meat is only heated. Steak medium - medium degree of frying, when the meat is pink in the middle, but still raw. Steak medium well - perfectly fried, with pinkish meat and well done - very well fried steak, perfectly cooked.

Experienced chefs are able to determine the degree of frying visually, but this method requires a lot of experience and skill. You can do it easier - slightly cut the meat and look at its color inside or press on the piece with your finger - the raw steak is usually soft, and the finished piece acquires hardness and density. If you do not trust your feelings, you can cook on time - a steak with blood is fried for 2 minutes on each side, for easy cooking 2.5 minutes are enough, for medium cooking 3 minutes, and well-done steak takes 4.5 minutes each side.

If you have a culinary thermometer in the form of a needle, the task becomes easier - just measure the temperature of the steak to understand at what stage the meat is ready. Blue steak is ready at 46–49 ° C, rar at 52–55 ° C, medium rare at 55–60 ° C, medium at 60–65 ° C, medium well at 65–69 ° C, well done - at 71–100 ° C. If the meat is heated above 100 ° C, the steak is overcooked.

“Rest” and steak tasting

An important secret to cooking steak is to give it a “rest” and recover after intense frying. To do this, put a piece of butter on the steak, cover it loosely with foil and leave for 10 minutes. The longer the steak “rests”, the tastier, more aromatic and tender it will turn out. Do not rush to taste, because when frying the meat fibers are strained and slightly compressed, but gradually they relax, and the juice is evenly distributed inside the steak. In other words, the meat "rested" after heat treatment is always softer than just taken from the heat. The steak can be served whole or sliced, on a heated plate with any sauce, fried vegetables prepared in the same pan, with fried potatoes, vegetable salad and herbs.

Steak in tequila and lime marinade

This Latin American steak will add variety to your daily diet and cheer you up. Make a marinade of 3 tbsp. l tequila, 3 tbsp. l olive oil, 2 tbsp. l lime juice, 2 drops of Tabasco sauce, 4 chopped cloves of garlic and 1 small onion. Marinate beef steaks for 2 hours, after placing the dishes with marinade in the refrigerator, after which the meat should be turned over after 1 hour.

Half an hour before the start of frying, turn on the grill, remove the steaks from the marinade, dry them well, grate with pepper and salt. Fry steaks for 3-4 minutes on each side and let them rest for 10 minutes, and then cut the pieces across the fibers into thin slices.

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On the website "Eat Home" published various recipes for meat steaks with photos and step-by-step instructions. When you master the art of cooking meat steaks, then learn how to choose beef in the market, and the degree of readiness of meat will be determined by eye. Of course, up to this point, much remains to be learned, but the simplest recipes can be mastered right now, delighting loved ones with tender and juicy steaks, with which life seems more fun and tasty. Well, the spices from the Eat House brand store will add brightness to your dishes!

How to cook beef steak? A frying pan is a quick fix!

It is best to choose a good quality pan. Thick-walled utensils, ideally non-stick, provide good results.

Advice! If the pan is not large enough for all steaks, do not be tempted to place all the pieces in one batch. It is best to cook them in several approaches.

Can’t you spoil the steak with butter, or ... spoil it?

How to cook steaks - the famous British chef knows Gordon Ramsay. It uses peanut butter for cooking - it has a delicate taste and can withstand high temperatures without burning. By the way, some cooks prefer to add a little oil only after frying the steak in a dry pan.

Advice! Do not put the cut in oil that has not yet been warmed up, as otherwise, the meat will be too fat.

Are seasonings important?

Food lovers prefer to eat steak without adding any seasonings besides the ordinary salt and pepper. It should be remembered that salt well draws moisture from meat, so it’s important not to overdo it. You can cook without adding salt, and use it completely before serving.

However, many chefs recommend not being shy when it comes to spices and marinades. After all, it is these ingredients that form and emphasize the real taste of meat! Chef Gordon Ramsay recommends mixing black pepper and salt in a plate, generously roll the steak in the resulting mixture, and then place the meat in a pan.

To get a good cooked dish, just follow a few simple steps:

  1. Warm the pan well
  2. Lubricate the pan with a small amount of oil (if you prefer to cook the steak in a dry pan, then at this stage you can do without oil)
  3. Sauté a piece of beef for the right amount of minutes. The cooking time is individual and will depend on the selected degree of roasting, the thickness of the piece, the characteristics of the cooking appliance used.
  4. Turn the steak only once to prevent it from drying out. Use tongs to turn over; a knife or fork will pierce the meat and valuable moisture will evaporate
  5. If you ask the chef how to make beef steak soft and juicy, you will probably be advised to cover the meat with foil before serving on a plate and let it rest for 3-4 minutes. This will make the dish even more juicy.

Grilling beef steak is a special event!

In steak houses, the following method of cooking is common: first, the meat is singed over high heat, and then placed in the oven. Thus, a caramel crust and a delicate taste of pulp are obtained. If you have a grill, then a steak is the first thing to try on it!

Here are some basic rules:

A piece of meat should be cold. Very cold. There is still an opinion that the steak should be brought to room temperature before cooking. However, let's try to understand in more detail. One of the reasons that you cook steak on an open fire is a neat brown “tan,” a characteristic crust. At the same time, the middle should remain pink or reddish. That is, the longer you cook the meat without letting it burn, the more ideal the dish will turn out at the exit. Therefore, it is important to keep the steak cold.

- The steak should be a little "untidy." The famous chef Jamie Oliver shares this secret. The larger the area of ​​the piece lends itself to processing by fire, the tastier and more aromatic the dish will turn out in the end. To achieve this, You can make on the surface several small shallow cuts with a knife.

- A piece of beef should be cooked asymmetrically. Almost everywhere you can find a universal advice: you need to fry meat from different sides for the same amount of time. In fact, it’s enough to fry the beef on the one hand, and on the other just give a similar shade. Otherwise, neither side will receive the sufficient amount of heat that is needed for cooking. After cooking пока стейк несколько минут ожидает подачи его на стол, он продолжает доготавливаться due to the heat and heat inside the piece.

- Use marinades. Current trends in the preparation of steaks tend to ensure that the meat requires additional flavorings that emphasize its taste. If you want to make a good beef steak at home, then experiment and try recipes with marinades! Culinary experts of the world recommend: greens and oil, rosemary leaves, balsamic vinegar, dried oregano, whole grain mustard and many other ingredients - everything goes!

How to cook steak in the oven

If the weather does not whisper or you simply don’t have the opportunity to cook on the grill, then it’s quite possible to get by with an oven to cook a chic steak! Cooking meat in the oven is not more difficult than in a pan, but to understand how to make meat softand gentle you need to remember that the container with cuts should not be in direct proximity to the fire. You would not fry the steak right on top of the flame in a barbecue, and here: you need to leave a distance of 7-10 cm.

The time required to prepare a sophistication in the oven varies depending on a large number of factors, including:

  • Desired degree of readiness
  • Cut thickness
  • Size
  • Cooking temperatures

Steaks in the oven are ideal for those who want to get a juicy flavored steak, and at the same time make sure that they do not risk getting any food ailments.

The main steps that will help you understand how to cook beef steak, so as not to turn off the right track:

  1. Prepare a cut in advance, for example, in a marinade or just grate it with flavors: salt and pepper.
  2. Preheat oven to 230 ° C
  3. Sauté the steak for about a couple of minutes over high heat.
  4. Time to send meat to the oven! This is best done without changing the pan.
  5. The baking time depends on the type of roasting. If you languish for 6 minutes, it will turn out with blood, if 8 is a medium-sized steak. Choose you!
  6. Do not forget to let the meat brew for 10 minutes under the foil before serving. You will not regret!