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How to draw a puppy with pencils in stages


We have already painted many animals, and you can not ignore the cute barking puppies. Among the cutest dogs, a special place is occupied by Corgi. They are funny and funny. We suggest you learn how to draw a corgi with a simple pencil. And so that the dog has acquired an even more cute look in drawing, we will give it a certain peculiarity.

You will find out exactly which feature we use in the process. In the meantime, take a pencil and begin to create a corgi drawing:

  1. We draw the head of the dog. Add a few zigzags on the sides to make the hair. In the upper part of the head we draw triangular ears, inside we add waves.
  2. Now feature drawing. We will draw the puppy with big, round, cute eyes. Separate the arc below the eyes. Add two round highlights, and above the eyes we will draw small eyebrows.
  3. From the top of the head we draw two arcs. We round one under the left eye, the other under the right. In the central part of the muzzle we will depict a triangular nose. Below it, draw a mouth and a protruding tongue.
  4. Draw the body of the dog. We draw an oval shape. Add zigzags of wool in the back and on the breast. Add short legs below. At the end we make them rounded. Zigzag the hair on the breast and in the middle of the body.
  5. We drew a corgi puppy with a pencil. Now you can circle the drawing with a black pen and colorize.
    Make the nose and eyes black. The tongue is pink and the back is red. Leave white areas on the face and body.

How to easily draw a cute puppy for a child

If you liked Corgi and draw it, then the next puppy will impress you too. We will use a simple drawing style. Therefore, such an example can be offered even to small children. We are equipped with any tools, in the case of it is a marker, paints and pencils. We start to draw:

  1. We draw two circles for the eye. Immediately paint them black. Below, under the eyes, we depict a triangular nose. Add small eyebrows.
  2. Add the side parts of the head. We round their ends and connect at the bottom of the spout. We draw the upper part of the head and draw triangular ears. They should be lowered and end on the sides of the head. Under the muzzle, draw a small arc for the mouth.
  3. We get down. Below, under the muzzle, we draw two lines for each foot. Round them off at the ends and add finger lines. Arrange the tabs so that their tips touch each other.
  4. Draw the rest of the body. We draw an inclined line and round off at the end. Bring the lower part to the front paws. Using the triangle, draw one hind foot. The second, apparently, will not be. Add a small tail at the back.
  5. Color our dog. We dilute the brown paint with water and cover the drawing with a barely noticeable color. We wait until it dries and add a neck and body with a pencil of the desired color.

Here's how to draw a puppy with a baby. And if a little artist wants to continue drawing, we recommend that you learn how to draw a hedgehog.

Husky puppy

And now we offer you to learn how to draw a puppy in stages with an equally cute appearance. It will be a husky puppy. The dog will sit sideways to us, so carefully follow the instructions and draw with us:

  1. First draw the nose. We make its edges rounded. From it on the left we draw a line of the cheek and draw it down from the nose. Below we add a long line of the mouth. Below we draw a tongue sticking out.
  2. Add a wavy line for the neck below and move on to drawing the head. Draw a rounded line from the nose, add wool on the top of the head. Draw a triangular eyelet. Immediately frame it with zigzags. Draw the remaining arc of the head.
    In the background, draw another triangular ear. With a triangle, select the middle inside.
  3. With the help of curly lines we will designate a separate coat color, highlight the places for the eyes. Draw the eyes. That eye, which is closer to us, we make round, immediately paint over it and make up the glare. The eye, on the other hand, should have a narrow oval shape, we also paint over it immediately.
  4. Let's start drawing the torso. Select the puppy's woolen breast. Based on it, draw the front foot. Add a second one in the background, select the puppy's fingers with small lines.
  5. From the head we draw a line of the back. She should be heading down, as the puppy will sit. The back is rounded. Draw the back foot, add the fingers to it. The second hind foot will be barely visible, so it’s enough just to depict its silhouette.
  6. It remains to add the tail. We will make it not only fluffy, but raised and slightly rounded. For coloring the puppy we use a gray and pink pencil. The main part of the coat is painted gray, we leave white spots. Paint the tongue and the puppy is ready.

How to draw a puppy in full growth

Start with ovals (everything is as always): large for the body and small for the head.

Step 2

Draw the neck and head contour with tufts of short hair on the crown, then the mouth, nose, ears, tail and paws.

Step 3

Rough line draw the contour of the body. Add eyes, paws and spots on the head and back. Now you can erase all auxiliary lines.

Step 4

And the last stage, how to draw a puppy, where you can only add a little wool on the chest, legs and muzzle. With short strokes, apply a little shade on the head, back and the inside of the hind leg. Done!

How to draw a puppy for beginners

You need to start drawing a puppy from the base line. Then, without clicking on the pencil, draw an oval for the body above the base line, not forgetting the angle of inclination. Now sketch the contours of the front legs, which should be on the line of the base. The foot of the right paw should be slightly below the base line. To outline the sharp muzzle on top of the oval of the trunk and ears on both sides of the head.

Step 2

With a blacker stroke, define the outline of the puppy's shape. Draw the protruding upper jaw. Add the outline of the nose and mouth. Draw a tail near the hind leg. Erase the auxiliary lines with a clean eraser.

Step 3

Draw the back of the puppy by adding curved lines. Draw the hair on the tail, the fingers on the paws and the semicircles of the eyes in line with the end of the upper jaw on the right side. Designate the pupils of the eyes.

Step 4

Shade gray with medium-saturated pupils, nose, and mouth. Remember that certain sections must be left unpainted. Add a mustache, eyebrows and lightly shade the upper jaw. Draw strokes on the puppy’s chest, stomach and legs. With the side of the stylus slightly paint over the entire puppy figure along the contours. When working on the background of the picture, do not forget that the bowl should not be drawn round, but oval. The rug is a rectangle located at an angle. First draw a bowl and then a rug.

Realistic puppy hatching with colorful pencils step by step

If you want to try your hand at serious drawing, then this lesson is especially for you. We propose to draw a realistic picture with multi-colored pencils and white gouache. If you have the right set, do not delay drawing, start with us:

  1. For those who are determined to get a quality drawing, you need to sketch a future puppy. We make a schematic pencil construction of the future dog. We note the position of the head, nose, paws and eye. Draw the ears, they should not have a standing view.
  2. After the sketch is completed, you can proceed to color rendering. Let's start with black. With this pencil, shade the nose and its line at the top. We make the central part of the nose a little lighter and be sure to leave a highlight at the top.
  3. With a brown pencil, paint over places near the eyes, neck, and highlight the central part of the ear.
    You can paint over individual areas of the hair, for example, on the legs, side of the muzzle and on top of the head. Now this wool needs to be detailed, use a gray pencil, draw brown areas.
    With the same pencil, add wool on the right and left sides, and select the fur on the forehead. We make it darker at the top, and lighter on the sides.
  4. We continue to use black color. Shade the eye. Make strokes in the direction of growth of the puppy's hair. The central part of the abalone is left untouched. Draw the fingers on the foot. Fill in the gray space between them.
  5. We paint the pupils of the dog with black and light blue pencil. To make the pupils look realistic, gently shade the blue color from above with gray. With a black pencil we draw the outer contours of the eyes and mark the corners. With white pencil we add glare in the eyes.
  6. Paint the outer part of the remaining ear black. Add small details. We draw brown hair over the eyes. With gray pencil we denote the wool on which the shadow falls.
  7. There will be a ball in the paws. For the base we use a yellow pencil. We leave a white strip on the ball. Add light areas on it with a white pencil. Shade the dark sides with a light green pencil and add a little gray. The remaining light areas of the hair are filled with barely noticeable strokes of gray.
  8. It remains to add the last details to our puppy. Use gouache and a thin brush. Apply white lines along the hairline. This will give the picture a liveliness, and the puppy himself will have a shiny coat.

Done, now you know how to draw a realistic puppy step by step. We suggest you learn how to draw an adult dog.

How to draw a puppy with colored pencils in stages

We outline the outline and location of this puffer on paper. here I added the front paw to complete the picture! for work took my favorite watercolor paper with texture canvas A3.

Step 2

She started hatching with expressive eyes, then switched to wool around the eyes and smoothly to the nose.

Step 3

Gradual hatching of the entire head of the dog showed in different colors. brown and blue in dark places and blue with ocher in light predominate.

Step 4

So I put the picture next to the picture. and next are all the same Marco Raffine pencils.

Step 5

I continued to switch to the background, I always hatch it in different directions to highlight the character. My puppy is ready!

How to draw two puppies of a pit bull with a pencil in stages

We start the drawing with the basic elements. Draw two circles and an oval below the right of them.

Step 2

Now let's draw the head of the right puppy and its ears.

Step 3

We draw his eyes, cheeks, mouth and nose.

Step 4

We pass to the torso and outline the back and front paw.

Step 5

Add a second front paw.

Step 6

Now add the hind legs of the right puppy.

Step 7

Let's take a picture of the second puppy and make a contour of his head.

Step 8

Add to it all the elements - eyes, nose and mouth.

Step 9

Draw the right front paw.

Step 10

Now the second paw and the part of the body that will be visible.

Step 11

Using an eraser, we erase all the auxiliary lines, circle the contours and color the drawing of our pit bull puppies.

We draw a cute sleeping puppy near a cup of coffee in stages

We draw a part of the face, nose and mouth.

Step 2

We draw a continuation of the muzzle, head, two ears, closed eyes, eyebrows, two legs and bundles on them, as in the picture.

Step 3

We draw the back and body part to our puppy.

Step 4

Now we draw a coffee cup near our puppy, as in the picture!

Step 5

We draw a saucer on which the cup stands and with a B7 pencil we shade inside the cup creating the effect of coffee !!

Step 6

We take a pencil B6 and paint it with a nose, make the beams darker and the line of the eye and all the dark shadows, as in the picture! Then we take the H4 pencil and make it light shadows throughout the drawing !! The final step is to take a B7 pencil and trace the entire outline of our puppy, making it darker. And that’s it! Our drawing is ready))) !! Good luck to all!!