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How To Lace Up Converse Sneakers


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Converse is back in fashion, so with their help you can look stylish and modern. However, sometimes lacing the converse can be difficult. It takes some time, especially if you lace up the converse for the first time. In addition, the number of lacing options is huge. Fortunately, there are three easy ways to lace up your sneakers: straight lace up, crosswise lace-up, and double-sided lace-up. Although these methods are simple, they will be a good start when you are just learning to lace up converse. You will have three different lacing options that add a new touch to your old conversions.


This type of lacing will look great with a variety of models of this shoe. To perform lacing, you must:

  • pull the laces through the bottom holes,
  • then one end of the lace is threaded into the upper part and across, creating a diagonal,
  • the second tip of the lace also needs to be stretched to the top and across, forming a second diagonal,
  • it is necessary to alternate in such a way each lace in turn,
  • at the end, both cords need to be pulled to the end so that a horizontal line is obtained.

You can tie the laces on the bow or hide their ends in the middle of the sneaker.

Direct method

The process of lacing a Converse sneaker is as follows:

  • one end of the string must be pulled into the upper hole, and then pulled into the transverse hole,
  • the second tip of the cord is pulled into the upper part of the sneaker, you need to skip one school desk of the holes, and the second end should be stretched across,
  • then lacing should be done in the same sequence until you reach the end of the shoe.

At the end, the laces need to be pulled out and tied in the usual way or left inside.

Two-way method

You will need 4 cords of different colors for a pair of sneakers. Each pair of shoelaces is used to lace up one leg.

The process is as follows:

  • cords of various shades need to be pulled into the lower holes,
  • one side is pushed into the upper part and diagonally,
  • the second side is pulled diagonally and to the top,
  • Next, expand the strings in the opposite direction and make another cross,
  • following up, you need to turn and cross the laces all the time,
  • at the end, the strings are pulled into the upper holes and tied.

Some ends should be tucked into the middle, and the second should be tied in the usual way.

As you can see, using various methods of lacing, you can emphasize the stylish look of Converse sneaker.