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How to quickly get rid of muscle strength after training


This condition has many names: muscle flu, delayed muscle pain syndrome, muscle strength. Faced with it, everyone involved in sports. The main sign of krepatura - the appearance of painful sensations not immediately after training, but with a delay, on the second or third day. Moreover, discomfort can occur both in the whole body and in its individual parts - depending on which particular muscles you overloaded.

Some facts about krepatura

  1. This problem is provoked by a sharp increase in loads, and, on the contrary, a return to classes after a break.
  2. The peak pain lasts from three days to a week and depends on the level of preparation.
  3. As a phenomenon, krepatura has been known for over a hundred years and is actively studied by specialists, but until now the mechanisms of its action have not been fully understood.

How to alleviate suffering?

No matter how much you want to take a break, you should not completely abandon physical exertion during krepature. It is planned training that will help speed up the recovery process. But this time it is necessary to do half the effort, reducing the load by half.

An excellent cure for pain will be stretching exercises. At the same time, it is worth giving preference not to dynamic, but to static stress, making sure that the position is comfortable when fixing. Strengthen the effect will help even and calm breathing, in which the inhalation and exhalation will be as extended as possible, and ideally, the exhalation should be twice as long.

During this period, try to drink more water and increase sleep time. Natural antiseptics and antioxidants, such as ginger tea, raisins, lemon, pomegranate, parsley, carrots, walnuts and apples, are well suited for speedy pain relief. Also, water treatments (pool, bathtub, warm shower) and massage will be of great help.

3. Regular training is the key to lack of strength

Unfortunately, in the case of this problem, the discomfort is largely predetermined by genetics. And if some people are quite easily experiencing krepatura and as sport progresses less and less in contact with it, then others are not destined to completely get rid of it, regardless of their results.

Why does krepatura appear

Even an ordinary light run or a bike ride can be affected the next day by pain syndromes throughout the body. Many beginner athletes try to get rid of it in various ways, some of which help, and some are useless.

Currently, there are several explanations for the phenomenon of krepatura:

  • Lactic acid accumulation - A rather old version, which explains pain after excessive muscle tension by the fact that during training the body lacks oxygen, so lactic acid begins to be released in the muscles. The very next day she makes herself felt with pain in the body.
  • Minor muscle injuries - in untrained muscles, myofibrils, which are contained in muscle fibers, have different lengths. With excessive load, the short components break apart, which causes the inflammatory process in the muscles.

Pain sensations depend on the complexity of the exercises performed. If you start training slowly, proper and regular training can stretch myofibrils to the same length and the next day there will be no pain. Microtrauma also occurs due to lack of warm-up. Any training must necessarily begin with the fact that the muscles are warmed up, while metabolic processes are accelerated, the tone increases.

  • The nervous system is toned, which will help to train more actively.
  • Blood is saturated with oxygen.
  • Increased muscle and ligament flexibility.
  • The body is warming up.
  • Exercises are easier.

At the end of the training, it is imperative to perform a hitch or muscle stretch.

Help with pain from training

Krepatura usually occurs the day after overload and this condition can last up to seven days, depending on the physical fitness of the person and the complexity of the exercises he performs.

For pain, stretching will help., or stretching. Stretching should be done slowly and carefully. When stretching immediately felt relief in tight muscles. This will help to get rid of feces and relieve pain.

  • May I help charging or jogging.
  • With leg strength, you can do some squats and stretch your legs.
  • Great help hot bath or shower: they will warm the muscles and increase blood circulation in them. Hot water will relax and help relieve pain.

Shower or bath should be taken immediately after training. After a shower on the warmed muscles, you can make a small stretch.

Proper nutrition

A proper diet is the key to health, as well as an excellent help for the recovery of the body after training. No need to eat during the first three hours after training. Be sure to take amino acids for better muscle recovery.

The diet should include:

  • cereals
  • cottage cheese,
  • low-fat poultry varieties,
  • eggs
  • lean fish
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as juice.

You need to drink a lot during the day. A person should drink at least one and a half liters of water per day.

With pain in the muscles, an ordinary bath, sauna or herbal bath will help. You can supplement the procedure using anti-inflammatory herbs. Well-heated muscles will become much easier even without stretching. It is possible that after the bath the strength will disappear completely, but perhaps it will only become a little easier.

The bath restores the body after training, improves blood circulation. However, you should not bathe in the bath immediately after training, it will be difficult for the heart, which you are already well loaded. A trip to the sauna the day after training will be very helpful.

The bathhouse will help to lose weight, cleanse the body of toxins and toxins, relieve nervous tension and fatigue, and normalize blood pressure.

A bath will bring a much better effect if you perform a relaxing massage after it.

This is the best way to stretch your muscles. Massage is useful even when there is no indication for its implementation. Professional massage will improve flexibility, blood circulation, relieve tension.

It is best to perform a massage immediately after training, then there is a chance to minimize pain after enhanced training. The most effective will be the implementation of sports professional massage.

Pain Relief Medicines

There are no special medicines that can save a person from fecundity. It is possible to use anti-inflammatory ointments and painkillers to reduce pain. Such funds are sold in pharmacies, but before using them, you must always consult a doctor and study the instructions.

It is better, of course, to do without the use of pills, and to relieve pain with the help of a bath, massage, stretching and light exercises.

5. Lack of additional motivation

This may seem strange, but for some reason very often one desire to sit on the twine is not enough. The appearance of additional, even the smallest motivation inconceivably accelerates the process, makes it more fun and interesting. What was my surprise when one day in my stretching class I said that I would give a chocolate bar to the participant who would sit on the string today. I was amazed at the zeal with which adult and beautiful girls began to try hard and (which is the most amazing!) one of them really sat on the twine! Competition with a friend, a photo battle or a promise to yourself of something grandiose, after reaching the goal! You can come up with anything you want! Collect as many additional motivations as possible and they will inspire you again and again!

6. Replacing a hot bath warm-up

Often they suggest instead of warming up to take a hot bath. Of course, it is tempting to take a bath and be ready for a stretch! However, completely different physiological processes occur during the warm-up! The joints are lubricated with synovial fluid, all tissues become elastic and protected from injury. Taking a bath, you will increase blood circulation in a trite way, which will also warm up the muscles, only the nature of the heating will be completely different and the body will not really prepare for stretching. In addition, the “validity period” for such a warm-up is very small, in contrast to the warm-up during a warm-up. I would recommend using a hot bath after a workout as a preventative measure against krepatura, but no more.

7. The desire to surrender when the goal is very close

We can say that this mistake is the sublimation of the six previous ones. Unfortunately, often we want to give up at the very end of the journey. You already have almost twine, there is very little left, but you are distracted by other things. Fatigue accumulated, dissatisfaction with the fact that the goal has not yet been achieved. You break the schedule and postpone training. Time passes and nevertheless you are going with the strength, but you find that the result has deteriorated and you are again thrown back. Train intensively and the next day you are tormented by strength and there is no longer any desire to continue training. This is a common scenario, unfortunately. What to do? You just need to be prepared for such a moment. But the most important thing is to consciously track when this decline in enthusiasm will visit you and connect the "heavy artillery"! Try to radically change the method of stretching itself, or try a group lesson, if you usually do it alone. It will be effective to recall all your additional motivation. But sometimes you can give yourself the opportunity for a little rest. Only you decide!