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On what topic can I create a group in VK so that people join it?


2.2.1. The concept of "club of interests", "amateur association".

An interest club or amateur association is one of the traditional forms of association of people whose activities are directed by means of initiative and self-government to realize their cultural and social interests, needs and socially significant initiatives.

The “Regulation on the Amateur Association and the Interest Club” gives the following definition:

An amateur association, an interest club is an organizational form of public initiative of the population, created on the basis of common creative interests and individual membership of the participants in order to satisfy diverse spiritual needs and interests of people in the field of free time.

The club is a voluntary communication of people. The club contributes to the improvement of people's knowledge in a particular branch of science, literature, art, and the formation of personality. A prerequisite for membership in the club is active participation in all the affairs of the club, friendly teamwork and relaxation.

The concept of "unification" (amateur, creative) means the same club, only with a different organizational and functional structure. An association is a series of people, sections or clubs, united on the basis of a common interest or goal, who entered it with the circle of their individual or particular tasks. Adding the words “amateur”, “according to interests” indicates that the basis of this type of clubs and associations is a person’s interest in something, his enthusiasm, his creative potential. All other names are "high school" clubs, youth clubs "," poetry lovers ", etc. are evidence of their differentiation according to certain characteristics or nature of activity. Differentiation provides a certain uniformity of the audience, allows you to enhance the interaction of people. It acts as the main functional sign and mechanism for the development of clubs and associations.

An amateur association differs from a club in interests in its characteristics and purpose. The basis for the creation of an amateur association is also differentiation, but not on a number of grounds that ensure the uniformity of the audience, but only on one basis - personal interest. The rest of the composition of amateur associations is usually the most diverse: in one association you can meet people of different sexes, ages, with different educational levels, representatives of different professions, workers and students. At an affinity club, membership can be quickly updated. Amateur associations have a fairly stable membership and constitute a small social group. This is a contact group, in the process of communication of which a certain commonality of goals and interests is developed. An integral feature of amateur associations is the creation of a certain moral and psychological atmosphere: mutual respect, sympathy, solidarity.

2.2.2. Types and types of amateur associations and interest clubs.

Amateur associations and interest clubs can be of two main types:

1) associations and clubs operating on the principle of partial self-sufficiency using the funds of members of the association received from membership fees, activities of associations and clubs, as well as from the funds of the parent organization,

2) associations and clubs operating on the principle of full self-sufficiency using the funds of participants (membership fees), funds received from the activities of associations and clubs.

By the nature of the activity, clubs and associations can be conditionally divided into the following profiles: socio-political, scientific and educational, artistic and aesthetic, sports and fitness, world outlook.

In the direction of activity, associations and clubs can be:

Socio-political. On the subject of work, clubs and associations of military and labor traditions, military-patriotic education, the study of legal knowledge, and others stand out among them.

Production and technical. These include clubs and associations of technical creativity: inventors, modeling (aircraft, ship, auto, etc.), design, etc.

Natural sciences. These clubs attract lovers of travel, astronomy, gardeners, gardeners, dog breeders, gardeners, etc.

Artistic. They are the most common and make a great contribution to the program of aesthetic education of the population. The clubs in this area include clubs for music, film, literature, painting, dance, theater, and others.

Fitness and fitness. These include hardening clubs, lovers of running, tourism, shaping, aerobics, etc.

Collectible. Such clubs are organized to unite collectors of stamps (philatelists), coins (numismatists), badges, orders and medals (phaleristes), postcards (philokartists), sound recordings (philophonists), match labels (philumenists), etc.

Clubs can be created that unite a certain category of people: clubs of women, dating, young families, adolescents, etc.

Community Type

First you need to decide what exactly you want to create: a public page (public) or just a group? It's just that most people call groups all kinds of communities. But this is not so. Let's consider:

Public page (Public) - It is usually done to lay out some news for its subscribers and as a rule such pages are created in honor of some person, in honor of some organization.

Group - this type of community is more designed for communication between users. Here you can already share your messages on a specific topic.

Of course, these are all conventions, because now all these species are created for any topic. So just decide whether you want to do discussions or just lay out something and please subscribers.

Popular topics

Today, there are many different communities with the same theme and you can do one of these. True, you will be one of many, but you will approximately know what potential this group has. I must say right away that there is no better topic, but here are a few popular ones that can be interesting and gather a lot of users:

  • Entertaining communities (pictures, videos, quotes, cool texts and jokes, interesting facts, etc.) are the most popular topics and the majority of people join such communities. But at the same time, this topic is the most competitive, because if only in the search drive the word positive, then more than 80,000 groups matching this request will come out.
  • Cooking (recipes, food decoration, etc.)
  • Music and cinema (films, cartoons, series, television shows, video clips, trailers, reviews and discussions of all this)
  • Healthy lifestyle (Sport (including power types), diets and proper nutrition, weight loss, etc.)
  • Learning anything (Photoshop lessons, guitar lessons, pickup lessons)
  • Technology (Gadgets, computers, devices, equipment, etc.)
  • Cars
  • Psychology (this also includes personality development, self-development, esotericism, success, etc.)

This is just a small part of the theme that you can create. Moreover, you can create both wide groups (Culinary recipes, a series of lovers of TV shows, a club of sports lovers), and on a narrow subject (Baking recipes, a group of the series “Game of Thrones”, Lovers to exercise with dumbbells). Narrow topics will bring fewer participants, but they will be better.

But I would not advise creating a topic about making money on the Internet, especially if you yourself do not rummage about it. Pay attention to similar communities. This is just a garbage dump of links. where members of the group spam this same community with all sorts of links about unrealistic earnings.

It’s just that usually the earnings groups are not taken seriously and go into it in most cases the same to leave the links.

And I would not advise creating such groups as “Those who were born on such and such a date,” “Those who love chips,” “Those who are called Sasha,” etc. They will bring you neither pleasure nor money.

In general, look at what topics are collected by the people. Go to the site and there you will see a list of groups by popularity and number of participants. As I said, see how many entertainment groups are in the top, and there are enough others.

In general, look and think what you want, what topic is closer to your heart and whether you can pay due attention to it. Of course, there are clubs that you won’t bring to a lot of participants, but they are created specifically for yourself and those who are in the subject. So, 6 years ago I created my own group of students at the school where I studied. Now it is the only and even official). There are just a little over 500 people, but they all studied there.

And if you seriously intend to earn VKontakte, then you can try yourself in the role of administrator of various groups. This is certainly not an easy process, but there is a special training where you will be taught all the working skills. After completing the training, people earn good money.

Well, I say goodbye to you today. I hope that you decide for yourself what you want. Do not forget to subscribe to the update of my blog. The doors of my blog are always open for you, so I'm waiting for you again. Good luck and bye-bye!