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How to get lemon juice


  • How to make lemon juice
  • Lemon is our friend for all time
  • Ginger with lemon: 3 recipes for health and weight loss
    • Lemon juice with honey:
    • 2 tablespoons of honey
    • 1 lemon
    • 2 cups mineral water (still)
    • Lemon and carrot juice:
    • 1 kg of carrots
    • 2 cups of water
    • 5 tablespoons of honey
    • 2 lemons
    • sugar to taste
    • Lemon juice:
    • 1 lemon
    • 0.5 liters of water
    • 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Lemon juice perfectly tones and invigorates the body. 1 cup of this juice for breakfast, and you are full of strength and confidence for the whole day.

Children will especially like this juice if they decorate the glass with a straw and an umbrella.

How to squeeze juice from a lemon

Lemon is the most acidic citrus fruit, and it is very healthy. The yellow fruit is rich in a number of vitamins: A, B2, C, and P. Many dishes and drinks are decorated with slices of it, and they are also added in the cooking process to add flavor. And lemon nectar is just a storehouse of vitamins. It is used in cooking, cosmetology and in everyday life. How to get the maximum of this golden liquid? There are several ways.

Using a juicer

The simplest spinning method is to use special equipment, namely a juicer. They are both electric and manual.

To modern methods include mechanical devices. There are different models. From the simplest juicers to sophisticated harvesters equipped with many additional features. Depending on the power of the device, you can lay fruit with or without peel.

Perhaps the juice obtained will have to be filtered through a sieve, since it is likely that seeds, flesh and peel will fall. As a rule, about 50-60 ml of liquid is obtained from one medium-sized lemon.

With the help of manual devices, a lot of juice also comes out. True, efforts will need to be made. But the process will not take up much time and dirty dishes will be many times less. Next, let's figure out how to squeeze lemon juice without using a juicer?

Without using a juicer

If at hand there are no special devices, it does not matter. Once there was no technology at all, so you can quite cope without it. How to squeeze juice out of lemons without using a juicer? We offer several methods:

  1. Using forks and spoons. Rinse the citrus and cut it in half. Insert a spoon in the middle of one part so that it pierces the flesh. Turn ½ piece of fruit over a bowl of spoon down. Start squeezing the juice until it drains completely into a container. To get leftover nectar, scroll the appliance clockwise and vice versa.

You can also mash the fruit without a peel with a fork. To do this, cut the fruit into 4 parts and place everything in a deep bowl.

  1. Heat treatment. How to squeeze a liquid out of citrus quickly and easily? Dip the lemon in boiling water and leave it there for one minute. Then cool the citrus. This will make it easier to get as much acidic fluid as possible by hand.
  2. Using gauze. Finely chop the pulp of the fruit and wrap it in gauze and squeeze the juice. You can use a regular bandage.

Now we know how to squeeze lemon juice without using a device such as a juicer. However, there are several varieties of citrus drink. For example, using citric acid or concentrate.

We use citric acid

Such juice is made very simply. According to the standard recipe, only two ingredients are required. Namely:

Ideal proportion of lemon juice from citric acid: one part powder to two parts liquid. Its ratio to lemon juice is 1 to 6. The cooking technology is simple. The concentrate is diluted with water. To make the right drink, the product is better to brew for at least 30 minutes. This is required to better dissolve the crystals in water.

This method has its advantages:

  • Acid powder has a longer shelf life,
  • It’s not whimsical to storage conditions,
  • You won’t need to use a whole lemon for a few ml,
  • Juice is made quickly and easily.
  • No effort is required to squeeze the citrus.

  • Lack of natural ingredients,
  • Drink the drink with caution, in small quantities.

If you still have lemon zest, then add it to lemon juice and let it brew for half an hour. This will give the artificial drink a pleasant aroma.

We use a concentrate

Almost all the juices that we see on the shelves of retail outlets are obtained from a concentrated product. In other words, concentrated lemon juice is a preparation for the future drink. This also applies to other fruits.

Such raw materials are obtained after harvesting. Fruits and vegetables are squeezed, then this liquid is evaporated. Thus, a concentration is obtained. By consistency, it is thick and viscous. It is produced under special conditions in which all the beneficial substances of the fetus are not lost.

Why make juice from the blank yourself if purchased drinks are made in the same way? The fact is that factory production involves the addition of various preservatives, fragrances and flavor enhancers to nectars. At home, only two components are taken. The main thing is to know the proportion. The recipe indicates how much fluid and concentrate is needed.

  • Water - 3l.,
  • Concentrated Lemon Juice - 600 gr.

Juice must be diluted in water. The components in the correct ratio are thoroughly mixed together. Natural delicious nectar is ready.

Concentrate is measured in kilograms due to its dense consistency. It is possible to purchase a product at retail. Usually on the boxes with it they write: "restored juice."

Sweet lemon juice: recipes

The yellow citrus drink is acidic, so not everyone can drink it in its pure form. Basically, such a product is used as an additive to various dishes, or used in cosmetology.

At the same time, almost everyone loves lemonade. This is because acid and bitterness in such a drink are softened by the addition of additional ingredients. Ultimately, it turns out to be sweet, not sour. How to cook such fruit drinks at home? There are several recipes.

Natural lemonade

No preservatives or other harmful substances that have a negative effect on the body. And most importantly, the drink is prepared quickly, easily and from available products.

  • Sugar - 3 tsp,
  • Juice of one lemon - 50 ml.,
  • Water - 150 ml.,
  • Zest of fruit.

  1. We put water on the fire, we throw the zest there and bring to a boil.
  2. Boil for 2-3 minutes.
  3. Pour sugar and stir here until it is completely dissolved.
  4. Pour in the lemon juice and mix everything thoroughly.
  5. Cool the drink.
  6. Homemade healthy lemonade is ready.

In a vessel with juice, you can add several slices of citrus to saturate the taste and add aesthetics to the drink.

Cold soda lemonade

Delicious treatment for colds. Take the prescription and you will no longer have to run to the pharmacy for the first reason.

  • Dry chamomile (flowers) - 1 tsp,
  • Lemon juice - a glass,
  • Honey - 1 tbsp.,
  • Water - 350 ml.

  1. We steam the camomile with one glass of boiling water and leave to insist. Preferably for 2-3 hours. If time is short, then 15-30 minutes will be enough.
  2. We prepare lemon juice.
  3. Pour into it a strained herbal drink.
  4. Add honey.
  5. The drink is ready. Use it warm.

Honey can be replaced with sugar or jam. Such lemon tea contains many vitamins and nutrients. It is not necessary to drink it only for colds. The drink is suitable for preventive purposes, as well as for daily everyday use.

Despite the widespread use of lemon nectar, it is difficult to find on sale. Therefore, it is easier to make the product yourself. There are a lot of ways, as can be seen in our article. You can make a drink even if you don’t have a juicer or the fruit on hand.

Ingredients for Making Lemon Juice

  1. Lemon 1 kg
  2. Cane sugar 1 cup (cup capacity 250 milliliters)
  3. Distilled pure water 2 cups
  4. Ice cubes 2-3 per 1 glass or to taste (glass capacity for 300 milliliters supply)

Inappropriate products? Choose a similar recipe from others!

Recipe Tips:

- - Sometimes lemon juice is prepared on honey, such juice is much healthier. Increase the amount of water by 100 - 150 milliliters and instead of sugar, put in it 300 grams of honey of any kind. After the honey has melted, cool the syrup and strain it through cheesecloth so that there is no residue in the form of beeswax.

- - You can add different types of syrup to lemon juice, giving the drink different taste shades, such as cherry, apple, tangerine or any other.

- - You can boil the syrup in any aluminum container.

- - Ice for this type of drink is best prepared from boiled, clean distilled water.

- - During the preparation of ice, you can add a few drops of syrup to the water or dilute it with a small amount of lemon juice.