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Autumn wreath on the door: decoration ideas


With the advent of autumn, yellow-red carpets made from fallen leaves and flowers are spread in city parks, squares and in the forest. The leaves collected in the park are excellent material for creating various compositions, fakes and paintings, which can serve as an excellent gift or become an element of the decor of any room. Bright autumn leaves go well with dry flowers, cones, dried berries and fruits, acorns, twigs and other decorative details, allowing you to make unique design designs.
Decorative wreaths made of autumn leaves are a bright and spectacular design element that is usually placed on walls, doors, near vases and candlesticks. Such wreaths are made both from leaves of the same species and color, and from different leaves - a combined method. Wreaths on which as many different elements as possible are present look especially good: cones, wheat spikelets, acorns, many small leaves and branches, and in the end red clusters of mountain ash and decorative pumpkins or apples are attached.

To create an autumn wreath of leaves on the door, you must first prepare the following materials: twigs from bushes, trees or a vine, dry yellow and red leaves, bunches of viburnum, dried physalis, glue gun, scissors, twine, gold threads and decorative birds for decor. In handicraft stores, you can often find ready-made basics for creating decorative wreaths, however, everyone can easily find everything in the nearest park, without spending too much money,

After all the materials are selected, you should proceed to the creation of the wreath itself. The first step is to make a wreath from the prepared branches. The process is quite simple: the branches gather in an armful and are gradually tied up with twine, trying to form a circle or oval. Small sticking branches can be left, this will give the finished wreath a natural look,

When the shape of the wreath is fully formed, you can proceed to decorate the wreath. At this stage, you should decide what the wreath will be: with one face or two-sided. This will show the process of making a one-sided wreath. Wrap the wreath with gold thread several times,

We start gluing the leaves: apply hot glue to the leaf and place it on a suitable branch,

We do the same with the other half of the wreath, but we already paste a little less leaves. The result should be a slightly asymmetric wreath, as shown in the picture:

We make a small bouquet of several rowan berries and leaves and glue it on the right side of the wreath,

We connect together two buds of physalis. Glue the flowers at the base of the wreath,

Add several branches with leaves to the top left of the product to add completeness to the composition,

We place a decorative bird on either side and add the missing leaves in some places.

A decorative wreath made of dry leaves and other natural materials is ready! It remains to attach it to the door and enjoy the result.

Autumn decorative wreaths on the door (ideas)

Making an autumn wreath with different fruits is a great idea! Any autumn fruits are suitable - artichokes, apples, pears. The most important question to consider is how to attach these items to the base of the wreath. If the frame of your wreath is made of dense material (for example, polystyrene foam) - you can attach it with toothpicks. For these purposes, you can use toothpicks or double-sided tape, thermal gun.

Autumn wreaths look especially beautiful when there are a lot of various elements on them. Create such a layered masterpiece. To do this, make the back layer of small branches, leaves or spikelets. The inner layer can be made of fezalis, acorns and cones. For accents, add a few bright branches of mountain ash and a couple of decorative pumpkins and apples.

Decorative wreaths on the door made of autumn leaves are a spectacular decoration. In addition, this is one of the easiest ways to decorate a wreath on the door. It looks great both a wreath of leaves of the same type, and a combined version. To make the wreath even more original, add pine cones, chestnuts, acorns, artichokes to the leaves. A variety of natural materials will tell you how to decorate a house in the fall, without hassle.

Option number 1: from rods

To make the basis for the autumn wreath on the head, we select young branches. Willow, birch, pine and other trees and shrubs are suitable, in which it is easy to cut thin strong rods.

We clean the branches from the bark and make them smooth. To make a wreath of leaves beautiful, you need to perform the foundation correctly - it should not be too large or too small. Measure the girth of the head, but constantly estimate the size of the workpiece in the process.

Using twine, tighten the twisted ring. Then start wrapping rods on this frame. Increase them gradually and constantly reinforce with jute.

Make a tight winding when you finish braiding the branches and achieve the desired thickness of the rim for the wreath. Put the workpiece under the press at night.

Option No. 2: from paper and kapron

This basis for the autumn wreath on the head will be made of lightweight materials, but you can be sure of the strength and reliability of the design.

We previously told you how to work with newspaper tubes. Here the principle is the same. Cut magazines and newspapers into strips, roll them into tight tubes. Twist them together or just glue them together. You can also make the basis for the wreath using adhesive tape or even sew these strips.

To finally fasten the structure together, take kapron tights and tightly wrap the rim around them.

You can stick or lay on such a blank leaves, berries or other accessories from which you want to make your autumn wreath.

Option number 3: from wire

A wire rim is good in that it is thin. This means that you can make an autumn wreath on your head more elegant and light. This is ideal for collecting small leaves in one or two layers.

The wire must be folded in one, two or three layers and intertwined with each other, twisting it into a bundle. The degree of winding is selected depending on the thickness of the material.

Interlace the ends of the wire with each other and hide. From above, make the winding with twine or tape. This is necessary so that the craft turns out smoother and does not mess up the hair.

Such a wreath can be braided with leaves on top or glued material directly on it.

To make the wreath on the head more convenient, at the ends of the wire you can form a kind of loop. Then we will tie the ribbons there and we will tie it to the bow. You can make this a kind of decor element: for example, add a wide red ribbon and leave its ends free.

Weaving pattern

As a rule, all wreaths on the head are woven according to the same pattern. It looks as follows.

You can take flowers, autumn leaves, grass, dried flowers, mountain ash branches or any decorative material as the basis.

Additionally, the gaps between two adjacent leaves can be fixed with fishing line, thread or twine. You can also use a satin ribbon to make the wreath more vivid.

Maple leaf wreath

The most popular fall option is a wreath of maple leaves. Do it yourself do it fast enough. Choose a base from those described above, or weave without it.

The first step is to collect as many maple leaves of different sizes as possible. Dry them slightly if it is wet outside.

The thickening near the legs needs to be cut off at each leaflet.

We take the first sheet and bend the bottom edge so that we get a parallel line with a “stem”.

Gently pierce the first leaf with a twig of the second sheet as if we were making a stitch with a needle and thread.

We bend the second sheet in the same way as before we folded the first sheet. We take the third maple leaf and repeat the procedure.

So we go through the whole circle. To finish the wreath, you must first try it on your head, and then pierce the first and second sheet with the stem of the latter.

If desired, you can make one or two rows.

Mountain ash wreath

Weaving an autumn wreath of mountain ash with your own hands is also quite simple. To make it perfect, we suggest you watch a visual step-by-step video instruction. With it, you can easily repeat the manufacturing process of this beautiful autumn accessory.

Such a wreath can be additionally decorated with any autumn leaves to make it even more elegant. You can also make it from only one mountain ash - large clusters look very beautiful.

We hope that now you can weave a wreath on your head yourself, and your autumn photo shoots or contests will be even more beautiful. By the way, for crafts to the school leaves from colored paper or foamiran are very often used. If you need to craft something similar, use the instructions provided and our selection of leaf stencils.