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How to choose a food processor


Good afternoon, dear reader! Today we will talk about the most popular, invaluable assistant of every housewife - a food processor. If you like to cook delicious and quickly delicious dishes for the whole family, then this appliance will definitely take its rightful place in the home kitchen. Thanks to the perfect mechanism, high power, versatility and great opportunities, every housewife can feel like a real chef, because these units are often used in a professional kitchen. In this article we will try to figure out what a food processor is, what it does, what are its design features.

Food processor - classification, design, functional features

Surely, among my readers there was no person left who would not know what a food processor is and for which he was so fond of modern hostesses. The main objective of this device is to reduce cooking time and reduce household chores to a minimum. The universal unit has managed to conquer many hearts with its versatility. Do you want to grind grains into flour, breaded nuts, toppings, knead the dough, make a uniform tasty cream, mashed potatoes, meat products, cut vegetables? A food processor can handle all this.

Modern technology hypermarkets offer numerous options for the performance of combines from domestic, Asian, European, American manufacturers. They vary in their appearance, size, purpose, functional sets, capabilities, power, equipment, prices. Before heading to the store, you need to familiarize yourself with the types of devices and their features.

If we separate the structures by size, then there are:

  • Mini harvesters suitable for use by one person or small family,
  • Compact standard models - they have a sufficient set of functions, nozzles, a volumetric bowl and average power, which is ideal for an average family,
  • Multifunctional large-sized units that will replace several kitchen appliances at once (juicer, meat grinder, blender, mixer).

Because of this, all models differ not only in size, but also in weight. Also, the weight indicators depend on the material from which the housings, components, and bowl of the combine are made. Fixtures with metal or glass parts will be significantly heavier than plastic models.

Device functionality

I am often asked what are the functions of food processors and what is their versatility. The functionality of such devices directly depends on their design features, because each component performs a particular task.

The main functions of the devices include:

  1. Shredding vegetables and fruits, cutting them into cubes, slices, slices, straws,
  2. Grinding meat, fish products, vegetables, fruits, berries, etc. to a puree state,
  3. Squeezing juice from berries, fruits,
  4. A batch of liquid, thick dough, cream, and baking toppings.

It should be understood that miniature devices with low power are not able to grind sinewy meat or frozen foods. But bulky multifunctional combines will easily fulfill any task assigned to them, because they are their main purpose - grinding even the most unthinkable ingredients, mixing them and bringing ready-made dishes to a homogeneous consistency. Modern models can be supplemented with various knives, nozzles that expand the functionality of the units.

Elements of construction and their features

In each, even the smallest food processor, you can distinguish several basic elements, large parts that perform one or another significant function. Larger and more functional devices can be supplemented with other nozzles and parts that expand the functionality of the unit.

What is included in the food processor:

  • Motor responsible for product processing efficiency, productivity, speed. Often, buyers ask the question why a powerful motor is needed, if you can buy a slightly weaker model cheaper by several thousand rubles. The fact is that no matter how perfect the food processor is, a weak motor threatens that the appliance will overheat and will not be able to cope with solid ingredients. It’s important that the motor is as powerful as possible,
  • Loading capacity, where the pieces of food were originally placed,
  • Nozzles, sharp knives and blades responsible for grinding, one or another type of cutting. It can be large and small graters, beaters, chopping nozzles, choppers, juicers, noodle cutters, etc.,
  • One or more bowls for already prepared, ground products,
  • The control mechanism (touch, push-button).

A large number of nozzles, bowls, high power forms the impressive cost of a food processor. If you are looking for a versatile multifunctional device, then a variety of completeness will be the best option.

What can I cook with a food processor

Modern technologies do not stand still, so they left far behind the problematic, lengthy and tedious preparation of dishes for a large family, the endless shredder, fingers cut by knives that bothered housewives. If you are still wondering why you need a food processor, then the list of features of this unit described below will answer for itself.

Let's see what can be cooked using a universal device that combines the functionality of a mixer, meat grinder, blender, shredder, grater, juicer?

  1. Salads that can be made quickly in incomprehensible volumes and any cut you like (straws, slices, cubes).
  2. Using a special nozzle, you can grind and then mix the ingredients thoroughly for a hot or tender sauce, mayonnaise, sour cream, sweet cream, milkshake, etc.
  3. Kneading the dough for pies, cakes, biscuits, muffins, dumplings and other dishes will be much faster and easier thanks to the food processor. An undeniable advantage in this case is the absence of lumps and a uniform texture.
  4. The possibility of processing meat products and offal into minced meat or pate will allow you to cook delicious semi-finished products from only ground meat.
  5. Grinding the ingredients for filling, breading or decorating elements of dishes now takes place in a few seconds, so you can throw graters, pushers and other devices on the far shelf.
  6. The harvester is able to grind any ingredients to a puree state, as well as prepare meat, fish, mushroom, vegetable cream soup.

Thanks to such a diverse functional set and the ability to cook almost anything that your heart desires, the food processor is called the universal device. I hope that this article will help you decide if you need such a device in the kitchen. And how to choose a food processor for yourself is the next article. Until next time, dear readers, subscribe to me and invite your friends!

Thanks for your attention! Sincerely, Rostislav Kuzmin.

What is better meat grinder or food processor

The main task of both the meat grinder and the food processor is chopping food. Modern devices are universal, can perform several functions.

A food processor copes with many tasks: it can grind meat, chop, perform the functions of a blender and juicer.

Meat grinders, in turn, are able to work with any kind of meat or fish, rub vegetables, mash any product, make home-made sausages. So then what are the differences between these devices?

Main differences

The main differences between the devices are the principle of processing the product and the operation of the device as a whole.

The meat grinder consists of a special bunker in which a piece of meat is placed. By means of a sharpened valve mechanism, the product enters the knives of the apparatus, where it is completely crushed.

After that, it is passed through a sieve. The principle of operation of the food processor differs from the previous one in that the grinding occurs in a special bowl using various interchangeable blades.

How to use a food processor

Before using the food processor, you need to cut the necessary products into small pieces, because too large can cause damage to the engine of the device.

Next, you need to place the product in a special bowl and close the lid tightly until a distinctive click is heard. After that, you can turn on the device to obtain the necessary consistency of ingredients.

Depending on the model of the device, they can have from one power button, up to several dozen different buttons for choosing the type of work.

There are models that independently determine the density of the loaded product, and based on this, they select the necessary mode.

It's important to know! The more complex the device of the food processor, the more it is susceptible to negative effects during power surges.

Advantages and disadvantages of a food processor

The main advantage of the food processor is its versatility.

This unit can replace most of the kitchen accessories.

Also, the purchase of one device is much more economical in financial terms than the purchase of a blender, meat grinder and juicer separately. But this also implies the disadvantage of the device: many housewives do not use half of the nozzles from the device.

But also after using the combine in any mode, it is necessary to wash the entire device, which is not always convenient when shredding a small amount of products.

What a food processor consists of

The main element of the food processor is its motor, which is controlled using special buttons. The effectiveness of the processing of ingredients depends on the power of the motor.

The buttons on the device panel set the device to the required operating mode. Also the main details are:

  • various shredding attachments and knives for minced meat, chopping,
  • bowl for processed food and product loading,
  • Depending on the model, the equipment may be expanded.

What functions are available in food processors

The functional abilities of the apparatus depend on the species and its structure. There are mini-combines, the possibilities of which are limited to grinding soft products.

Multifunctional machines can easily work with solid food, up to grinding ice. The basic set of functions, which is present in any model, leads:

  • chopping food to a puree state,
  • kneading dough
  • universal juicer,
  • slicing, grater, shredding of solid food,

Additionally, combines can perform the functions of a mixer and shaker, coffee grinder, auger meat grinder, ice cream maker.


What is he doing: grinds the products into a single mass (the degree of grinding and uniformity depend on the operating time). What products can be chopped: meat, cheese, onions, herbs, fruits, berries, bread, garlic, vegetables, etc.

What it consists of: electric motor block, lid, bowl, chopper nozzle (some models have an emulsifier nozzle for mixing and preparing sauces).

The disadvantage of grinders is that they are suitable for preparing mixtures, but not for slicing products.

ChopDrop is a technology created to get rid of this minus. It allows you to cut into pieces that do not turn into mashed potatoes. The cut products gradually fall into the bowl, they remain dry and do not mix with each other. Useful function for preparing ingredients for salads and other dishes.

Shredders attract housewives with simplicity and compactness, allowing you to keep the device always at hand. If you need help with the preparation of various mixes, mashed soups, vegetable and meat purees, then perhaps you should not overpay and buy a multifunctional processor that you will use only on holidays.

Advice to hostesses which combine is better to choose

To select the necessary model, you need to decide on the purpose of such an acquisition.

For infrequent use, as well as people who are not particularly busy with cooking, budget models with a capacity of 300-700 watts are suitable. Their functionality is to grind the product.

For more extensive use, multifunctional models are suitable, the power of which varies within 1-2 thousand watts, and the functionality extends to chopping, shredding, the possibility of preparing a sauce or cocktail.

If the consumer often cooks, tries new culinary ideas, you should choose a processor with the maximum number of functions. Such devices knead the dough, have a set of various nozzles for whipping, chopping and mixing products.

Electric vegetable cutter

What is he doing: cuts, grinds, rubs, shreds.

What products can be cut: vegetables, fruits and other products.

What it consists of: an electric motor block, a funnel for loading products (bell), a pusher, a chamber with cutting elements (discs, knives, knife grids), a container (rarely, as you can substitute any convenient dishes).

    Vegetable slicer is always complete with several cutting elements having different shapes of holes. Thanks to this, products are cut into cubes, slices, sticks, straws, etc. It all depends on the configuration of the model that you choose (usually a set has several graters and shredders).

  • A rare catering establishment does without such a device, therefore, there are models on the market with a capacity of up to 800 kg of vegetables per hour! For home use, more than enough, and an indicator of 50 kg per hour.
  • In a vegetable cutter, the diameter of the funnel for loading is important. The larger it is, the less often you will have to first cut the vegetables into smaller parts.
    • Disks and nozzles made of plastic can not boast the same durability as parts made of metal.
    • Keep in mind that knives with interchangeable blades will last longer than usual.

    The main differences between the vegetable slicer and the chopper:

    1. The function of the vegetable slicer is slicing, shredding of solid products, chopper - grinding products to a single mass.
    2. Unlike choppers, vegetable cutters do not have a bowl; built-in containers are extremely rare in them.

    Advantages of the chopper and vegetable slicer:

    • reasonable prices
    • light weight
    • take up little space
    • easy to wash.

    If the vegetable slicer and chopper did not seem to you a serious enough technique and did not impress with its functionality, let's proceed to the selection.

    A little bit about superpowers, or what can a food processor

    The functions of the food processor and its culinary opportunities directly depend on the configuration.

    • Whisk for whipping (mixing).
      The whisk nozzle is indispensable for whipping liquid products: proteins, cream, when diluting batter.
    • Emulsifier nozzle (disk for preparation of emulsions).
      It is a disk with a wavy surface, which provides uniform mixing with virtually no foam. Designed for whipping cream and eggs, whipping egg whites, mixing sauces, making puddings, mixes for biscuit.
    • Nozzle for the test (looks similar to the developed knife).
      Knead the dough for bread, pizza, shortbread cookies.

  • Slicing (cutting discs).
    Using a slicer, you can quickly and accurately cut foods into identical pieces (from cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, to citrus fruits and other fruits). If large companies often gather at your place and you need to quickly and beautifully set the table, you can’t do without slicing. But if you occasionally make sandwiches, a salad for several family members, most likely you will prefer to use an ordinary knife.
  • Shredders
    Mandatory if you cook sauerkraut, often chop vegetables for soups and salads.
  • Grater
    Install a grater with the desired size and shape of the holes (usually several of them are included) - the machine will do the rest. Grate vegetables, fruits, cheese.
  • French fries nozzle
    It cuts into large strips of a certain thickness.

  • Grater for potato pancakes
    It is in great demand among lovers of potato pancakes. With this nozzle, they turn out light and crispy, because the potatoes are rubbed very quickly and do not have time to darken and lose their beneficial properties.
  • Knives
    Grind vegetables and fruits, nuts, chocolate, parmesan, knead mashed potatoes. Special knives will cope with meat. Like graters, they come in different sizes.
    • Dice Nozzle
      Slices products in the form of neat cubes of the same size. Salads, all the ingredients of which are cut with the help of such a nozzle, look especially attractive and appetizing.
    • Mill (mini chopper)
      You can grind coffee beans, turn pepper from peas into powder, grind nuts, dried fruits, cereals, crush herbs and dry seasonings.

    As separate blocks are used:

    • Meat grinder
      As in the case of an autonomous meat grinder, the principle of operation is to prepare minced meat from pieces of meat passed through the device.
    • Juicer
      Бывает для цитрусовых (в этом случае половина фрукта прижимается к вращающейся насадке) или универсальная (для фруктов, овощей, ягод).
    • Блендер
      Как и автономный блендер представляет собой емкость для перемешивания различных жидких ингредиентов. You can cook light mashed potatoes, knead the dough for pancakes, prepare cocktails.

    All combines have a standard set of nozzles, usually it includes a grater, emulsifier, a metal knife and a mixer for dough. In more expensive or professional models, the number of functions increases significantly, making it possible to replace almost all small household appliances in the kitchen with one food processor.

    For those who find it difficult to immediately choose the right set of nozzles when buying, some manufacturers provide the opportunity to buy them separately. Of course, the prices of such devices are higher, but then you can choose only those nozzles that you really need.

    Food processor power

    The power of the device directly determines which products it can process and at what speed. For example, only a model with a capacity of at least 500–600 W can grind hard vegetables and fruits. Recommended power is also affected by the volume of the bowl. The desired power for 3 l is from 700 W, not less than 300-400 W for a volume of up to 2 l.

    With an increase in power, the productivity of the food processor also grows, from 1500 W - these are models for large volumes of work used by professionals.

    From 2 to 15 - just such a number of speeds can be found in modern food processors. Of course, the more speeds, the easier it is to choose the most effective mode for cooking. At the same time, this complicates the control of the device and requires an individual approach to each dish.

    Pulse mode allows you to fully control the work process and monitor the efficiency of processing of solid products. In food processors, it is sold as a button. Click on it - nozzles (knives) begin to function, stop - the mechanism instantly stops. The more you press the button, the higher the power (speed) of the work (relevant for models with several speeds). The pulse mode is indispensable for grinding, grinding coffee beans, when the final product size is very important for you.

    Planetary harvester

    Planetary harvester - a design in which the nozzle rotates clockwise and the bowl in circular movements counterclockwise. This ensures uniform mixing throughout the container without the need to constantly turn the bowl by hand.

    Bowl - the heart of the food processor

    When choosing, the main attention should be paid to the volume of the bowl and the material from which it is made.

    The volume of products that you can cook in a bowl at a time depends on its size. Models from 1 liter and less to 5-6 liters are widely represented on the market. To make it easier for customers to navigate, manufacturers often indicate specific numbers for a wide variety of products in the instructions. For example, if the volume of the bowl is 1.5 l, then it is suitable for shredding about 2 kg of vegetables or mixing 1.5 l of liquid.

    • plastic bowls: inexpensive and most common,
    • glass bowls: are less common, visually occupy less kitchen space, the material is considered environmentally friendly,
    • metal bowls (stainless steel): expensive and durable.

    Glass and plastic bowls are easy to clean in a dishwasher. Unlike metal containers, they can be used to heat food in a microwave.

    The bowl of the harvester is an element that is used actively and constantly. In this regard, the main requirements are impact resistance and temperature resistance.

    up to –5 ° С - products in a bowl that can withstand this temperature can be stored or refrigerated for cooling,

    up to + 70–80 ° С - very hot substances can be in the bowl, but still not boiling.

    Compactness and weight of the food processor

    If you prefer not to clutter the work surface, and arrange all the equipment on the shelves, then the weight and size of the food processor are certainly important.

    The weight. If you plan to use the harvester not every day and you will always get it out and hide it, then the most suitable one is no more than 5 kg.

    Nozzles. The compactness of the combine largely depends on the location of the nozzles. Many models have built-in or free-standing drawers for storing them. In other cases, the hostess herself will have to look for a suitable place.

    Cord. When choosing, pay attention to the cord of the food processor. The length should be sufficient so as not to use additional extensions.

    • When choosing a food processor, we recommend giving preference to well-known brands that do not save on quality and offer only reliable models made of metal or durable plastic. This will minimize the possibility of sudden breakdown due to the use of cheap materials, and the combine will become your best assistant for many years to come.
    • Before using the combine, always read the instructions. In addition to safety reminders, you can find a lot of useful information about the functions of nozzles and the products that you can use with them.
    • Before buying, check whether it is possible to wash the removable parts of the combine in the dishwasher - this significantly reduces the service time.

    The appearance of a food processor in your kitchen will definitely facilitate and speed up the cooking process, as well as expand your culinary opportunities. If you cook a lot and often, replenishment or cooking is expected in your family as your hobby - you will never regret buying a food processor. In addition, the harvester alone is able to replace a number of kitchen appliances.

    We hope our article will help you choose the best food processor with which you will win the hearts of loved ones with new culinary masterpieces!


    The market of modern kitchen appliances offers many models of food processors with various designs, sizes and functionality.

    Before buying such a device, it is important to familiarize yourself with all its characteristics, warranty obligations. After all, you get an assistant in the kitchen for many years.

    Almost all combines for kitchen cooking have the following nozzles included:
    • Disk emulsifier.
    • Mixer for kneading dough.
    • Grater disc.

    A large set of various devices available in the kit allows you to conveniently and quickly prepare several dishes for a large family, as well as experiment with new dishes according to original recipes.