Useful Tips

20 things you have to do while you are in school


By the end of the curriculum, we offer teachers 12 ways to cheer themselves and students. Use our ideas to have a good days at school.

The school year, as usual, was bright and eventful, and came to an end quite unexpectedly. We know that you and your students will remember this year with many joyful moments. He brought victory to many and helped to take an important step towards achieving the goals set.

We offer you interesting ideas that will help to brightly end the school year and leave positive memories for the whole summer!

Ideas Awaiting Summer

1. Count the days before the holidays

Hang in the classroom a tear-off calendar created by students. You will need a thick cardboard with a colorful thematic design and sheets attached to it with numbers indicating the number of days until the summer. Sheets can be attached with double-sided tape, buttons or with PVA glue.

Tip: You can use balloons instead of a tear-off calendar. The ball game can be turned into a daily ritual. At the beginning of the day, attendants inflate the ball, write on it with a marker, how many days are left before the holidays, paint and decorate. At the end of the day, you can solemnly burst the ball.

2. Remember the outgoing school year

Create a board with memories. Each student can hang a sticker on her with a short description of the bright event of the outgoing year. For example: “I won the Olympics in mathematics!”, “I visited a concert of my favorite group.”

Children will be interested in sharing their memories and reading about the achievements of their classmates.

3. Prepare unusual postcards

To make a postcard interesting, prepare portraits of schoolchildren in profile, on which students say something or even shout. Cut the photo and stick it on color cardboard. Next, glue a blank from a white sheet, similar to the inserts that are used in comics to convey the thoughts of the hero.

Children can write wishes on their card or simply share their thoughts and present a card to their beloved teacher, classmate or best friend.

4. Decorate the class in the summer

Use themed summer attributes that you or your students can bring from home to decorate the class. It can be seashells, an old fan, thematic summer books. The main thing is not to overdo it, because the guys can be distracted and forget that the school year is still not over.

Fall in love with teacher

Oh, that computer science teacher is so cute. He’s also young, and he seems to be constantly looking at you. And blushes. But no matter how you were in love, remember that it is illegal and you only have to sigh and make cute collages with your photos. Catch our advice on what to do if you fall in love with a teacher.

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Creative ideas for the last class hour

1. We carry out a hit parade of knowledge

Give the guys blank sheets of paper and suggest making your own TOP-10. Each item on the list is an interesting topic or simply a fact that the student learned in the lesson or while preparing homework. For example: “I discovered Bunin’s work”, “I learned how to make pointers in technology lessons”, “I learned the multiplication table”, “I learned that the platypus has no stomach!”

2. Cooking time capsule

This idea is as old as the world, but every year it is becoming more popular. Preparation of the time capsule captures and captivates both first graders and graduates. Recall, the time capsule is a message to the future addressed to oneself or to schoolchildren of the future. The simplest and most durable capsule format is a plastic bottle or container, and its contents are a letter with a message and greetings from the past.

Tip: Add small souvenirs or symbolic gifts to the capsule. You can also put a flash drive with photos or a video message there.

3. We are writing a message to our successors

This idea is similar to a time capsule, but differs due to a number of features. The bottom line is simple - the guys write a message to students who are studying a year younger and will take their place next year.

In this message, you can share tips, tell them what difficulties they may encounter in a particular lesson, what interesting things await them in this class, etc.

4. We are preparing a business plan for the summer

In order for the summer vacation to be rich and memorable, it is necessary to approach its planning responsibly. Help the children prepare their own vacation plan, in which they can include their desires and dreams.

By the way, we give colorful blanks to all participants in contests and competitions for a personal plan for the summer. Participants can print it and enter the most important things and plans there.

Photo ideas for the holiday line

1. Create “talking” photos

You can have a fun photo shoot using our templates. Download and print them. Let the guys choose the template that they like best.

2. Capture your feat in the photo

Perhaps, for each student, the school year is a challenge and test, which gives him many pleasant emotions. Help the children feel joy that another test in their school life was left behind, and they coped with it with dignity.

Have a photo session with our photo masks.

3. We make a class motto

Come up with a class motto or slogan for the outgoing school year. Compose it from our template letters and take an original group photo. Each student can hold one or two letters.

4. Use your favorite blackboard

An original photo shoot can be held right in the classroom. To do this, decorate the blackboard with thematic drawings. If your students are studying in a specialized class, for example, physical and mathematical, you can use formulas, drawings and diagrams as drawings. Against the background of the blackboard, it is better to take pictures separately, with parents and teacher or small groups of 3-4 people.

Tip: Join our video flash mob “Last Call 2017”. All participants will be able to convey congratulations on the end of the school year to teachers and schoolchildren around the world, and we will prepare commemorative awards for everyone. We remind you that participation is voluntary and free!

Subject to talk: We hope you enjoy our tips. But perhaps you have your own, original, proven way to diversify the last day of the school year. Share it?