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How to get a guy's attention - psychologist's advice


Modern men are spoiled by the attention of women. For this reason, representatives of the strong half of humanity make rather high demands on girls. You will not surprise them with short skirts or catchy makeup. We have to look for new tricks in order to attract the attention of the young man we liked. Today we will cover the basic tricks that will help you achieve what you want.

Simple ways to get any man’s attention

A crowd of fans literally runs after some women, while others do not get even half that attention. This trouble is easy to help: find out 5 ways to help you get the attention of any man.

In order to attract the attention of a man whom they liked, ladies sometimes go to great lengths: they literally run after an attractive gentleman, or even begin to play a great detective, watching over the unfortunate one. Such attempts look ridiculous and stupid and would rather push a man away than lead you to the desired result. You can try to seduce a man, if this method is closer and more convenient for you. If not, do not despair - we learned five effective, but simple ways that will help you attract the attention of any man. Follow the steps in this article step by step, and you will surely succeed.

Watch your appearance

To attract the attention of a man, it is not at all necessary to look as if you have just stepped off the cover of a fashion magazine. Do not customize your unique, unique appearance to the “glossy” templates - most men appreciate the natural, natural beauty. In order to maintain its attractiveness, it is not necessary to apply “war paint” every morning - in most cases it only repels men. Learn to take care of yourself: visit a hairdresser in time, if possible, do a salon manicure and pedicure (if not, learn to do it yourself). Neatness and grooming is the key to male attention: even the most beautiful girl can look repulsive with dirty nails, hair that did not know combs. Watch not only the appearance, but also the condition of the clothing: it should not be soiled or wrinkled. Learn to choose and combine clothes, and for a special occasion, choose an outfit even more carefully. For you, we have compiled a list of 10 things that should not be worn on a first date. Our tips will help you choose the right image for your first meeting.

Be a good listener

It is known that most men are visuals: they pay attention first to the woman's appearance, and only then to her voice and behavior. Despite the fact that you will be met by clothes, it is important to behave properly in a conversation and be a good listener: the external beauty, behind which the poor mind is hidden, repels. Therefore, when talking with a man, teach yourself to listen carefully to him: this method, in general, allows you to quickly achieve the location of any person you are talking to, both women and men. If you show that you really care about what the man says, he will like it: people love it when someone else shares their interests. It will be great if in the conversation you can find common hobbies: what attracts both of you is fertile ground for communication. There are 6 female hobbies that men like - analyze our list and find out which of these hobbies may be of interest to you.

Smile and laugh

Mature men admit that they are very attracted to girls who are not afraid to smile and laugh at the top of their voices - so do not be shy about your feelings! However, you shouldn’t force yourself either: a false laugh looks very stupid and is easy to recognize. It is important to know the following about a smile: it must be sincere and appropriate to the occasion. So that a man does not have doubts, accompany your smile with “smiling” eyes - small wrinkles in the corners will show your sincerity. An example of a “right” smile can be seen in this photo. In addition, you can read the article that we specially prepared: our tips will help you smile in such a way as to charm any man.

You can “hook” a man you like with your eyes: to pay attention to you, keep your gaze on the chosen one for 5-6 seconds until there is visual contact, and then turn away. Do not forget about eye makeup: they should stand out and be noticeable, but in moderation - do not apply evening, holiday makeup daily. Believe me, it will be enough to use those colors that are combined with the color of your eyes: for example, for dark, brown eyes, shades of ruby, light purple and light pink are suitable, for lighter (blue, gray or aqua) - light silver , pearlescent, sky blue colors. The shadow table that matches the color of your eyes is now easy to find on the Internet.

Men love eyes

A banal thought, but it really is. True, there is one nuance that is often forgotten: the concept of beauty and the feminine ideal is different for men. Read more about this in the article “What female images are attractive to men”.

Try to find out which women your chosen one likes. Pay attention to his mother, and how he speaks about her. Good - try to be like her. Bad - do everything in order not to be.

Remember that regardless of the ideal image, men like well-groomed women. Watch your hairstyle, clothes. Clean skin is valued more than makeup. One day this man will become yours, see you without makeup. Take care to clean your face.

Learn the features of your body. Choose clothing that covers imperfections and emphasizes virtues. In choosing a style, focus on the interests of men.

I also want to talk about nails. According to statistics, men prefer natural, processed nails than bulky or poisonously painted.

Do not be shy

Do not be pinched, do not be shy, but do not be too accessible: the golden mean is important here. You can restrainedly respond to the courtship of a man or show that you show interest in him, but everything is good in moderation: you should not immediately rush into his arms and immediately agree to a walk or date. Give yourself time, and so that your maneuver does not look like you are deliberately delaying the moment, refer to the list and schedule of tasks that you need to look through before agreeing to a meeting. For a modern person, such an approach is unlikely to cause unnecessary questions or bewilderment: today almost every one of us is forced to keep a diary or at least mark tasks on the calendar so as not to miss anything important. If you suffer from shyness, do not rush to put an end to dating: the tips from our article, which we have prepared specially, will help you get rid of shyness and become popular with men.

Attracting the attention of another person in the modern world is not easy. A furious rhythm of life plays against us: if twenty-four hours in a day are not always enough to deal with our affairs, what can we say about spending precious time on another person? There is practically no time left for the personal careerist of a modern careerist. Fortunately, this problem can be solved: in this article we have already told our readers how to properly allocate time to keep up with everything. Learn about the art of time management and you! Tell us in the comments what secrets help you get to know men, and do not forget to click on the buttons: you can share our article on popular social networks. and

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Inner world

Finding a beautiful, well-groomed girl is not difficult. It is more difficult to meet a combination of internal and external beauty. When was the last time you read a science or art book? What topics can you speak freely?

Now think about what the potential partner likes to talk about. Find out this, study the matter. Be kind, surrender to the topic completely. If you want to show off erudition, then you will not get off with knowledge of the tops. If you make yourself worse, make yourself a laughing stock.


Any man is attracted to femininity in gait, speech, movements. Evaluate yourself, for more objectivity, record on video, view, analyze. If you can not cope, ask the opinion of family, friends.

If you understand that you need to work on femininity, then the Internet will help. Watch an interview with popular actresses, their exit on the carpet. You should also walk in everyday life.

Do not be afraid to train in front of the mirror. Copy gestures, facial expressions, posture, tone and timbre of the voice. Create a collective image, do not forget to leave your own zest. Remember: you are unique and original.


If you are really good at something, able to prove yourself, then do not miss this opportunity. Create situations of success. If you are 100% sure that you can do it, act, speak, help.

Subconsciously, every man seeks maternal love and care, the continuation or replacement of his mother. Give him that. For example, find out that he loves to eat a lover. Cook this dish for him. If you work in one team, then by chance bring homemade cookies and a cake for everyone.

Do not be afraid to look in the eyes, especially to him. A glance can convey without words up to 80% of the information. Think about what you would like to say to the chosen one, say it to yourself. Further it will be reflected in a look and will be transferred to it. Do not worry if you are embarrassed. It's cute. In addition, it is a sign that the man is not indifferent.

Love yourself and smile

Failures in a relationship begin with not accepting oneself. It is important to know and accept your own strengths, weaknesses, successes, losses. Self-love and respect are the first things to learn before seeking attention among men. Self-confidence, a smile, calmness - that’s what men react positively to.

Stoop, frown, apparent concern for problems, tightness can only cause pity. But I doubt that you need such attention-grabbing.

A sincere smile is a great start to a conversation. Subconsciously, this immediately causes confidence in the person. Train in front of the mirror. Remember the sign of a real smile - wrinkles near the corners of the eyes.


Forget that a girl cannot approach the young man first. Maybe it should, if it does not want to miss happiness. If you don’t have the strength to approach, then at least show a sign of attention. Men also appreciate compliments, looks, gifts. Praise his successes, achievements, taste.

If we are talking about sympathy at first sight, then do not rush into the pool with your head. I recommend first to find out the character and temperament of the chosen one, the circle of interests and communication, profession, hobbies, family features, etc. The more information you make, the easier it will be to come up with a plan and act.

Listening skills

A man is pleased to make decisions, give advice. Talk about your plans, take an interest in the opinion of the interlocutor. In no case do not interrupt the man and do not seek to leave the last word for yourself. Learn patience, wisdom. Be able to keep silent for the sake of your happiness, do not shout “I told you” at every opportunity.

Let him be interested

The best way to get attention is to make a man want to attract a woman. How to do it: find something in common. “Me, too,” “We,” are supportive words. Do not abuse them, but do not miss the opportunity to emphasize similar interests, traits, opinions. It is possible, as if by chance in the presence of a chosen one, to mention something interesting to him. Then for sure he will be interested and want to reach you.

Arouse interest in what is important for the chosen one: unconventional thinking, modesty, a sense of humor, determination, outward attractiveness, thriftiness, etc.

Elegantly use the trick. Situations from films also work in real life: stumble, ask for a hand, accidentally collide, break a heel. In general, within the framework of a reasonable and as realistic as possible, create the conditions for the chosen one to feel like a superman.

The second trick is to attract attention with a bright hairdo, clothes, and accessory. And after that, immediately spin the erudition.


If you don’t wear heels, then don’t start. Believe me, with inept walking, pain that will affect the mood, you will scare the man away faster. If you are worried about the romantic style, then try the boats, ballet shoes.

Follow the recommendations presented, but do not forget about your own uniqueness. Be yourself. Do not pretend. It’s better to immediately understand that you are not suited to each other, than to lie, to spend time and effort, in the end, you’ll still get separated. Attract with your personality, and not with other people's advice, images. There are no instructions in love.

Watch yourself

  1. A modern woman cannot afford to be ugly. You need to constantly maintain the image, monitor your appearance and be careful. First of all, pay attention to hair, nails, skin.
  2. Even the most beautiful girl with an ideal appearance and figure will not be able to attract the attention of a man if her nails and hair are in untidy condition.
  3. Do a manicure regularly. Wash your hair as needed. Keep your skin clean, be sure to get rid of black spots on the nose and age spots.
  4. Do not forget about hygiene, as well as epilation of the armpits, legs, bikini area. Wash clothing so that it always looks fresh. Tidiness is your main ally.
  5. Pay special attention to makeup. It does not have to be catchy. If your skin is in order, your eyes are beautiful without makeup, your lips are puffy, there is no need to apply a ton of various products to your face. Adhere to naturalness, hide imperfections if necessary.

Choose the right style.

  1. No one will pay attention to your rich inner world if the wrapper does not cling to the outside. Therefore, take the time to go shopping, review the wardrobe and put in the trash all the things that are not perfect.
  2. Do not make the mistake of many women who choose elaborate outfits in the hope of attracting the attention of a man. Better stick to a simple style that looks expensive.
  3. To give the image a high cost, get a beautiful watch, shoes and handbag. Buy plain plain jeans, a cashmere blouse or turtleneck.
  4. You can choose another option, the main thing is that the image does not seem pretentious or frivolous. Dress according to men's wishes. You should not look like a nocturnal butterfly, therefore refuse too open dresses immediately.
  5. It is important to find a suitable style for yourself and adhere to, improve it. Understand that you can get attention with a modest outfit. It is not necessary to wear a short skirt or a transparent top.
  6. Take a closer look at expensive underwear. It gives the woman confidence, even if no one sees him. But at the most opportune moment you will be “at the parade”. Woman's underwear should be sexy.

Be friendly

  1. No need to be aggressive, such people repel. To aggression one can equate rudeness in any sense of the word, tactlessness, incontinence.
  2. Before openly expressing your position to people, think about whether you will affect the tender feelings of your opponent. Perhaps in your own words you hurt a piece of his soul, which is the most intimate. This applies not only to men, but to the entire environment.
  3. Women have the unpleasant ability to speak without thinking about the feelings of others. Due to such emotionality, relations with close people are crumbling; it is impossible to build a family. In everything you need to be friendly, because in the world there are few such people.
  4. Do not express yourself abusively, even if the situation gets out of control. Learn to stay calm, always think with a cold head. With your restraint, you will let the man know that you deserve his attention.

Radiate sexuality

  1. Often, girls believe that outfits, catchy makeup, or a vulgar tone make them sexy. In fact, the situation is different. Even the most modest girl can look sexy in the eyes of the opposite sex.
  2. So, it is enough to regularly engage in sports, walk in the fresh air, selectively relate to clothing and accessories. It is also worth working on your facial expressions, gestures, speech, body position and gait.
  3. Learn to walk from the hip. Buy not sneakers, but feminine boots or shoes. Refuse sports style, prefer to it more easy, romantic image.
  4. Coquettishly twist a lock of hair on your finger when talking with a man. Sit with your back straight. Toe toe. Do not make sudden movements, gesticulate smoothly.
  5. Refuse loud exclamations, your voice should be gentle and romantic. Live in harmony with your own "I", sexuality cannot be learned. It must come from within.
  6. Be sure to let the man conquer himself. Do not take the situation into your own hands, so as not to seem in need of attention. Every man is a hunter by nature. When he chooses a worthy “she-wolf”, he will do everything to conquer her.

  1. In practice, flirting is very successful. Важно понимать, что такие действия нужно проводить правильно и с умом. Вы не должны выглядеть глупо либо раскованно.If you have already noticed an object, you can start with a light beautiful smile.
  2. At first you can practice in front of a mirror or with a girlfriend. Next, learn to control your eyes. He must be sexy and languid. Here, without prior practice, you may find yourself in a stupid situation. A mystery must remain in the eyes.
  3. In your view, a man wants to see interest. In this case, you also need to learn how to “shoot” with your eyes. Look away as soon as the gentleman tries to catch you. Look at the man as if briefly.
  4. If you are at a sufficient distance from each other, you can look at the satellite with a fixed look, slightly squinting. Let the cavalier understand that you are interested in him. Do not lift the bar and do not act like a bitch.
  5. After meeting, it is recommended to pay attention to unobtrusive touches. If you sit and communicate closely, say that you need to leave for a couple of minutes. Stand and lightly touch it with your chest or thigh.
  6. Thus, you will make it clear to the man that you want closer communication. Then you can extend the touch a little.
  7. If a gentleman tells a funny story, at a funny moment, have a sincere laugh and touch his arm, shoulder or hip. Do not replay, everything should happen for real.

Show common interest

  1. Do not show excessive curiosity, such actions will not be pleasant to anyone. You can imagine if a stranger would climb into your personal life and be interested in some little things. In this case, only negative emotions appear.
  2. Curiosity is inherent in a man, but it is worth showing it only to a lesser extent. You can direct curiosity to a superficial study of a person. Take an interest in what the satellite is doing, what are its vital positions.
  3. Do not go too far and do not cross the permissible boundaries. Ask simple questions and get general information.
  4. Do not forget to tell more interesting facts about yourself. You should interest a man not as an object for sexual pleasures, but as an interesting and wise girl. It is pleasant and interesting to spend time with you.


  • Men like girls with a riddle, a twist. At the first meeting, you should not lay out to the potential partner everything about your life. Otherwise, the satellite will quickly lose interest.
  • Try to communicate in hints and intriguing gestures. An unusual representative of the fair sex is able to seriously interest a man. Each time, the satellite will look forward to seeing you.
  • A man should not have thoughts only about sex. You must become a full companion for him. Have dignity and, in some cases, show character. Observe the measure in everything, you also should not seem strange.
  • To attract the attention of men, you must learn to behave properly. Do not rely on the fact that you know everything. Practice with a friend well in advance of the “hunt”. Hone gestures and facial expressions to automatism. Stay mysterious and flirt properly. Designate your position and always remain sincere.